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I think that this will help people cook From Rebecca Fiona Todd Onyekwere chicka love it

This game is very intresting but there is only 2 recipe but very intresting. THANK YOU Must have

I like this game but in this game only 2 food recipe only there they can give more recipe in that game. Works great

Thanks again for your time and consideration I look forward for your response thanks for this 5 star

It is good but not very much. It is only okay. They have to put some more choices but I also have enjoyed Fantastic

It is good for me and my family in the morning to get the best way to go on the right place for the first time Omg

It is so so so NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it is so so so so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Works great

Nice game keep it up .friends please please install this game☺ Omg

First one you are sooooooooo funny Works great

Its awesome I really love helping my parents Cook or make Diner Worth a go!

I love this game but I'm sure you'll can do not recipes but other than that please download this game. It is so much fun to play especially when u are bored one again please download this game Flawless

I love it so much Muito bom!

I love cooking Perfect

It is a good game please install this game you will also interested in this game this is great game for me Surprisingly

Fantastic Perfect

I liked this q lot. usually I like cooking so I like this game a's nice idea for children and game lovers like me Brilliant

it is interesting game but plz make it more long including more cooking backed things.ok☺ Go well

We think that this game is good ☺ Works perfectly

This game has only 2 level so we can't play 2-3 times so I don't like this game if this game has more than a 2 level than this game is interesting... Works perfectly

It is a very interesting game It is very good for those people who loves to cook Perfect

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