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It's an interesting game that keeps your attention. Little kinks to work on with controls and think you should get more bonus even if you don't want to connect to FB. Works great

I love this game but I'm stuck at level 257. I've best the level several times but when I go out of the celebs go back in, it brings me back to that level. Very frustrating. Probably stop playing Worth it!

Very different than other spelling games. I can create better words in this game. Graphics are very distracting. Great job

The rules are a little convoluted, but once learned, this helps sharpen spelling skills Worth a go!


Only played a few frames but it is good, tryin to get my head around the rules, but I'm lookin forward to playing it lots more. Works perfectly

Best word game I've played in a while. Graphics are bright & fun. I don't even want to silence the music. love it

Cute story line. I like combining mazes with jewel quest and making words. Fun game to play. Worth it!

So cute! I love the sound effects and the story of those little languinis. This is not timed so you are able to put it down/look up to do what you need to do. Just wow

Got new phone and had to start all over again. Even after logging into face book. Not happy Well done!!

Omg I just love this game!! It's so addictive. Been searching for a really cool game for ages and this is it! Fabulous! Awesome

Just started playing today. So far so good. Other reviews complain of glitches. Nothing yet. Recommend

Very good game I have downloaded quite a few word games but this is my favourite so far. very enjoyable jazz Great!

Totally addictive and it has multiple tasks you have to complete. Plus, you have to get your memory working Pretty good

Combines matching to finding words, this is right up my alley. Very fun and addictive Worth a go!

Makes you use your brain a little bit to think of words. But it's a good time taker if your bored. Fantastic

At first I liked it till I tried the game where you compete against the big bird. I make a word from letters seen but the bird makes or from unseen letters and words that are very uncommon. What is a Hexad? Those letters were not even showing, so how they come out of thin air and then bear what I. Have chosen. Not fair at all so.changing my 4 stars to 1 Great job

My sister introduced me because she thought I would like it. I enjoy a challenge. Works perfectly

Love this game. Just wish i was able to get it on my elipsis tablet too. Great!

Best game I've played so far. It's good to have fun with words. If you have kids that needs help in spelling this is a good game for that Worth it!

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