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Been using it for 5 years now and there hasn't been anything I couldn't find. Thoughout the years it has also become more user-friendly for non-Koreans learning Korean. Personally I prefer it over 다음사전 because it has more example sentences (especially for slang / everyday words). Go well

갑자기 단어 듣기 눌러보면 끝까지 나오지않고 끊킵니다.. 모든 단어가ㅠㅠ Marvelous

단어 발음을 듣기 위해서 스피커 버튼을 눌러도 발음이 재생이 안돼요 Marvelous

Pls help . M getting trouble in user name .it isnt accepting user name such as [email protected] Pretty good

한자 사전 의 단어 장 도 포함시켜 주시면 감사하겠습니다, 정말 좋은 앱 입니다..,,, Fabulous!

Naver Dictionary has more information than you could ever need regarding Korean... if you know what you're looking for. This mobile is different but still pretty cumbersome like it's desktop-browser cousin. Also note: This is literally the same thing as the mobile site, just in its own app-package. Perfect

I have an idea, I can't recognize if words are already duplicated when I put words into the word note. on the computer, I can recognize, but not on mobile. please add a note to recognize if words are duplicated or not. wow lol

I really love this app even though i download it yesterday Pretty good

Great app. Always gives me a lot of help! but it would be better if they add kanji wordbook feature which is unsupported in kanji dictionary. (I don't know why!) Muito bom!

Why did you remove the translation feature? Edited: Forgot to update my 1 star rating when they put it back. Just hoping they add a feature where grammar points, which show up on some entries, are included on all translation instances. And sometimes there are some words are not defined when you put a lot of sentences/phrases on the translator. Worth a go!

I tried to create a username but no matter what I use it keeps telling me I need to use 5-20 characters including numbers and special characters. I've done all that repeatedly. Good

I'm currently working on a lyric book in Korean, and I'm absolutely terrible at reading Kanji, this actually helped me :) Works perfectly

Best than other Kor-Eng dictionary because of they know how to use native Korean and what they wanna search words. wow lol

Wow. The translator and dictionary functions are truly excellent. The translations don't come out wrong or sound like a robot and are very natural. I can't comment on the rest of the functions as I do not use them (website transliteration, quizzes) but this might be my new favourite dictionary and translator. Really great, highly recommend it. Fabulous!

Is there a way to access the app in English instead of Korean for easy accessibility ? Omg

I like it, but it needs to be simpler to get what we are looking for! It would be great and useful to have English <-> Korean Translate! It be really good for some grammatical information, went trying to make sentences in korean it would give me options! Omg

I used this app so much to study Korean. Its wonderfully accurate and detailed. This should be your go-to waaayy before you even think to use Google Translate lol Perfect

It's user-friendly and very complete. It fully fulfils my demands. I think it would be better if you lost all the grammars together so in case one couldn't manage to check the dic one day, they could look for it the other day. Brilliant

발음 듣기가 앱에는 없네요. 언어를 배울때는 듣고 연습하는 것이 가장 중요한데 그 기능이 없으니 아쉽네요. Great job

The dictionary is great, but what happened to the translation feature. You changed it. Well done!!

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