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Ok this is really GOOD This thing shows you the steps to learning how to use the abacus and has practices and tutorials and all that awesome stuff.... really good method of learning abacus (really good) Great!

Beyond my expectations. Really good app. Clear explanations. I don't like the ads but who does? And it's for free so no reason to complain.

Big help My 3-year old son is studying Classical Mental Arithmetic (CMA). I can't help him with his homework if I don't understand this abacus. This app helped me survive his questions, lol. And the mental quizzes can't hurt the aging brain!

Amazing!!! This is the BEST Abacus app for me, so far! Could you please add more levels for 3,4,5, custom digit levels? Must have

Brilliant Learnt Abacus just by using this super awesome app. Now me and my 5 yr old son know Abacus in just a few minutes a day. Thanks for this app. Cool

Cool but need to upgrade I find it interesting and help also recommended to my family members but till date the option to reset is not good plus the speed of touch is very very low plus doesn't have a good quality of clarity feels very slow as you enter to family level please update Must have

Yo its awsome right? Now if my family have a restaurant or a shop, this apps is good for it, and also I can learn abacus to make me a pro, if you slice the beam or tap the clearing device, it will back to zero when have one or more. Fabulous!

You can count on this App! So pumped to learn the abacus with this app! Just counted to 99 for the first time :) Just wow

The app is extremely beneficial!! You just need to add how to do square roots and cube roots. Otherwise it is excellent! Works great

Loved it in first instance Today my daughter came to me wanting to do some calc in abacus was confused but now i will make sure she learns from this a little Thanks Worth it!

A REALLY great way to learn abacus. THANK YOU! Admittedly, I LOVE mathematics and I've ALWAYS wanted to know how to use the abacus. The material and teaching method is so thorough and is presented in a straightforward and unmistakable way. I feel like I've actually taken a class. Someone really took a lot of time and care in making this the BEST abacus teaching app on Play Store and it's FREE. ( P.S. DUH Peter's not a GAME you fool ) If everyone who likes this app would just vote "unhelpful" on his negative review it would go away. Works perfectly

Great App Excellent for those wanting to learn this ancient calculating tool. I highly recommend it. Update: Had it for a week and I'm hooked. I love this app. Not bad

Superb This app make something alien, so familiar and understandable. Great way to learn abacus. love it

One of my favorites This is probably the best way to learn the soroban. I found most websites a bit confusing. This app made it much easier to understand. Thank you for adding two digit multiplication and division. Pretty good

Superb! This is a fantastic interactive tool for learning the soroban (Japanese abacus). I knew nothing about it two weeks ago, and after completing all the exercises, I'm an expert. I like competing against my own times, although the app doesn't keep track of your record. If you just want to play around with the abacus (unguided), you can ignore the lessons, press the green button in the bottom left. This simulated abacus can count up to a billion. The sounds are a nice touch. Achievements could use some work.

Totally love this! Brain training, abacus style! Improve your mental arithmetic, visualization skills, and learn a cool tool. This app leads you through how to use a Japanese abacus step by step, and it seems so easy. You even get rated on how well you did, so if you're the kind of person that has to get 3 stars on Angry Birds, you can get obsessive about your abacus performance too. Try it, seriously, it's fun!

#math-games Teaches Abacus effectively! This app is the best in teaching Japanese abacus ( called Soroban) for beginners, and it's free. It introduces the mathematical concepts gradually, starting with an introduction (mini ebook ) for each level , exercises, tests and mental calculations. The beauty of this app is in the interactive excercises whereby feedback is provided to ensure correct movement, not just the final answer.

#do-your-sums Thankyou....! I am one teaching me this..... at last I learned the basics..... thankyou.... I give 5 star

#learning-game Rajender Jalindra Asakhera.....Gud app....Everyone should have it..! Wonderful app...everyone should learn it.......but need a updation fir bigger figures and devide....

Very Good App! It really helped me to understand the Abacus' algorithm. I'm using this App to help my 7 years old daughter to learn Abacus, and she found it is so easy to understand. Again, very Good App!. Recommend to download Know Abacus APK.

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