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Consumed more than 2gb on phone memory, could not transfer storage to sd card. Very frustrating. Great job

常常聽到一半,就中斷,自動關閉軟體,然後說要送出問題報告,可是送了這麼多此,也沒改善呀… Must have

还是比较喜欢之前的版本。Update 之后, 完全不能在 notification bar 切换歌曲。得进入app 才能换。觉得有点麻烦。除了那之外,这app 蛮不错的~ Perfect!

It's a great app for finding and listening to music. It would be even better if one could edit the sequence of songs in the playlist too... Amazing!

Please update for Android P, it always focus stop, I have many songs on it, thanks Fantastic

This is a great app. However app keeps closing when playing in background or when the screen is locked. Not sure if I would pay a monthly subscription if app keeps closing by itself. Worth it!

Doesn't work very well with android and Google cast. Either can't detect speakers or the connection drops Works perfectly

I am running kkbox on pixel 2, the apps always quit itself after a few songs are played. The phone itself is running spotify probably without quiting itself. Please help and fix! Superb!

用了一個月左右突然說我所在的地區不能用...? 我什麼都沒做過。為什麼突然不能在香港用呢? Works great

雖然整個介面好用,但歌手數量好少,想找的總是沒有,也不是特別冷門的,感覺買會員有點不值得 Flawless

Better if got dynamic background when listening music. Btw..Theme store too boring. Overall,good app but still got space to improve Enjoy it!

Sometimes the song choices are limited, especially for christian songs from Taiwan Marvelous

mostly pops and classicals. it's convenient to play the playlists shared by other users. and history/favorited songs to be replayed. some subculture unavailable anyway. Just wow

I not listening malay songs, but the app come out with the malay songs recommendation Muito bom!

quite easy to use even for beginner for this kind of app , eventhough I can't find a few song that I want , but still , I like this app . Awesome

Please reallocate the "quit" button to homepage instead of hide inside the Setting. Superb!

Good collections. Very poor UI and song grouping, sometimes have to search with multiple languages (e.g. 喜多郎 and Kitaro) Great!

安卓系統換主題後歌詞上面那塊真的太遮蔽了,希望可以盡快改善! Fabulous!

如果可以加search offline song或者offline song by artist,select多首歌入song list,同埋如果duplicated會問左先add入songlist會更方便 Highly Recommend.

I enjoy the fact that lyrics are added and fans can refer to them. Make the whole streaming experience more complete. Well done!!

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