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Really love the concept, but upgrades are slow, love the touch factor on the food instead of dragging it. Will still play until changes are made! Superb!

Enjoying this game! This game is fun. I have read the other reviews, I have no problems at all. I enjoy playing I like the part where you just have to click on the order and it goes right to the customer. AAA+++ Amazing!

Like alot so far keep the levels coming and give ways to earn some gems overall i love it Recommend

Kind of like it Lives take too to long to recharge it shouldn't be no more than 10 minutes for a live to recharge and it should be five not three.. Not bad

I LOVED IT I LOVED IT because I love how you just have to tap on everything it makes it so much easier Omg

Good game, (4 stars), until playing in the Mexican restaurant. Why can't I give side dish or the condiments to the required plate. Instead the veggies and the condiments go to those plates on the left first and I end up loose customer and throwing everything in the garbage bin. Such a waste time to play in Mexican restaurant now. Please fix it so everyone can enjoy your game. Sorry I have to take 1 star off the rating board =( Brilliant

BETTER than MOST I've played!!! Great game great graphics & with a click your customer is served. I love love the fact that I can watch a video for gems or coins! Now if I can play offline, I come back to rate 5 star. KittyKatKay...! 5 star

Enjoying the game, but having a hard time getting all my stars...And that's with everything upgraded & using all 3 boosts...It should not be that hard to get 3 stars with that much help. ... Perfect

Great game The one thing I don't like is u need lives when u use up the lives u have to wait until your lives full up and that's only one reason cooking fever is still the best cooking game it has more levels and unlimited lives Perfect!

Good game but you loose lives easily and you really need to have good money to upgrade. Dont know from where to get gems from. Surprisingly

Good Cooking Game I Really Like This Game...Just Don't Understand Why I Can't Get Five Lives.But Further That a Real Good Game☺☺☺☺☺ Good

Good game but would like to get diamonds other ways beside buying not everyone can do that Cool

Kitchen craze I gave 3 stars because I can't buy coins or gems, can't watch video to receive gems and liked on Facebook and didn't receive gem, and invited a friend from Facebook and never received gem!!!!! Fix please Well done!!

Luve the game but it takes ages to make enough money to upgrade, other than a few glitches like hqving to push something twice even 3 times before it works fix this and i will give 5 starts Fabulous!

Great game. Very addictive. Did not give a five because every level I have to keep confirming Facebook. Just wow

Good game but it pauses to go to a webpage. It super quick but its annoying other than that great game Works perfectly

I'm stuck on level 32 it will not let me serve the customer the taco game keeps freezing up. So now I can't play the game Works great

I think this is a fun addictive game, that helps pass time. It's easy enough to not get frustrated at. Yet stimulating enough to keep u playing. Awesome

Is good game but to refill the life is too east time pls find something to do about it thanks Great job

The thing I like most about this game is the ease of getting the customers their food. In the other apps that I have tried, you have to drag everything around, here you just tap & unless it's wrong the customer gets their food Pretty good

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