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If you reach your max limit on food or gold the game will notify you and will also indicated by the green font above the screen if you've reached your limit on gold then you need to build a warehouse if you've reached your limit on food then you need to build a granary if you are having difficulty completing scenarios experiment with your officers. you can upgrade their equipment skills and more here there are several officer classes to pick from so choose wisely.ultimate tank class that can take a lot of damage and provide self-healing defensive buffs. marshals these are your secondary attackers that support the Warriors because they provide mid-range damage to your foes.bow masters these are arranged attackers that fire arrows to enemies from the back row monarchs these are your support officers that can buff allies and deep of enemies strategist mages with unique area of effect spells.

What's In The MOD APK:-
Increased Health/Damage (Turn off Game Music to enable the MOD, go to game's settings and turn off both music options then play)


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