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I remember completing this game back in the day on iPad, and I mean FULL complete every star, every mode. Loved it so much. Played the 2nd and 3rd games as well. Finally freed up enough space on my phone so we can do it all again! Seriously tho, could not recommend this game or any other game in the kingdom Rush series any higher. Absolute masterclass Fabulous!

It was hard to progress once the initial set of levels were beaten, but eventually I figured out strategies that worked well. I almost gave up trying though. Recommend

Good example of a tower defense game. I enjoy the fantasy genre so that is what keeps my interest. I particularily like the little added effects, the little words when the fighting is happening. The heroes are a good idea also. I also think the odd map with an environmental extra improves the experience, i.e the sasquatch cave etc. Good game in the moment, but not sure of it longevity. Well done!!

In the game, we should have to protect a kingdom from waves of monsters by building defence structures on both sides of the road the march at the specific places provided. There are 4 types of defense mechanisms and all of them could be upgraded to higher versions. Each monsters has got special abilities. A hero is also there in our army who could move around the map. 2 special powers and many alternatives powers (which could be bought) is present. After completing the story line, there are many challenges provided. Surprisingly

Great game. Finally a game were you don't have to pay to play.challenge ing and good time killer Muito bom!

I love it it's so thing that I can load and play for hours or if I don't have a lot of play time load and play for alttile while but it's justbso addictive I love tower defence games love the other kingdom rush games to keep up the good work Amazing!

Extremely balanced between the towers. Only wish is that the levels after the campaign were tiered in difficulty. Amazing game, and a visual gem. Highly Recommend.

It is a great game over all. I've played for a while now and I love it. A lot of different challenging levels to beat! My only problem is only 3 heros are free. There should me a way to earn the other ones. Well done!!

I love this game, im on my galaxy S8 and it is lagging hard for some reason. I re-installed the game and it just runs terrible. The other ones run fine. Please fix for S8! love it

I love this game! It so addicting and I can't stop playing it. I love the way you can change the difficulty level for each stage and the graphics are amazing Just wow

Awesome! Absolutely creative, funny and great maded game. I'am sure there is no better. :) Sometimes pretty hard, but still fun. Fabulous!

Possibly the best game I have ever played. Much better than the PC version of the game. Great graphics, amazing gameplay, good storyline, and hours of game just awaiting in this outstanding application. Even though you have to buy some of the heroes, if you get pass level 6 you get a free hero. By the end of the game, you have 3 free heroes. An amazing game with great gameplay but not like other tower defense games were there is no strategy, this game relies on you to be able to think to beat the levels. Just to tell all of the people you cannot beat a level...ALL OF THE LEVELS ARE BEATABLE!!! (even in Veteran mode) Even after you beat the game, there are bonus levels that are awesome and you can they beat every level doing to Iron and Heroic Challenges. To sum up, this game is a must-have, and has to be one of the greatest games ever. Fantastic

This is the best tower defence game i have played till date... Amazing gameplay and sound... Only requirement is pause button in order to upgarde the units during battle Great!

Love the game and played it all the way through on my S4 mini. BUT, now I've got an S9 I have to scroll a lot to see all the screen. This makes it hard to play. The app is locked to full screen mode. Can you please fix it so I can see the whole map at once? Works great

For a free is awesome! No ads...delightful music...the campaign is nice! Keep up the good work guys! I will buy the continuation of this game for sure! Works perfectly

I'm not into mobile gaming, but Kingdom Rush got to me. Very addictive. The controls and music are great. No forced ads! Great!

I'm not into mobile gaming, but Kingdom Rush is one of the best mobile games I've played. Very addictive. The controls and music are great. No forced ads! You can beat all the levels without spending using any gem Fabulous!

This is the best TD game ever made, with such good cartoony graphics, and never boring unique towers and enemies. Definitely recommended for strategy based game lovers Surprisingly

Outstanding, Very addictive and good graphics. I also have this game on my PC and it's really fun to play and beat and unlock new things such as different characters. Well done!!

Good overall, but I would have thought they'd have added a fast forward button by now, like the other TD games that are currently leaving Ironhide in the dust. Surprisingly

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