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Don't ever think to download this app is just a prank app u will loose your data Worth a go!

I think it's good by only ads. I didn't get into the app bcoz its asking ratings in the beginning Works great

Worst app, don't download it. I was forced to give 5 stars but in reality it deserves 0 stars Fantastic

I am an Indian boy pls help me to increase YouTube also I am oldest user for this app love it

Dont know till... When i open this app it only shows to rate... After rating i should check... Cool

This app is very good and attractive and I thought that this app is useful And it has kl means king like this is the thing Omg

I don't know about this app they told to rate the app first before the process so as I did Pretty good

Ok cool thanks for the prohibition of the most popular with a new one of the government will get a new Marvelous

I haven't used it.. First thing it asked me was rating them 5star before using their services. I haven't used the app yet Not bad

Still going through it but just think they looking just to their 5 star ratings Enjoy it!

not sure it just wanna get 5 stars to complete the operation but i think it damn!! Good

Superrr I have a look at the moment and I will be able to get the best way to get the best way to the UK and Ireland destinations only a few days ago by the way nicweeee app wow lol

Worst app.. They are asking 5 star that the begining to do the process but they ate just 5 star

like I said, the best of luck for the next, and I will not receive any emails from Facebook, Inc, I think think it was a bit more , and I Recommend

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