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pretty cool, better than alot of free editors you can find. what sucks though is the limited features. some phones have more features than other, and my phone is one of the phones that doesnt have all of the features. really upsetting and kind of sucks, not really sure why theyd do that to be honest. gave it 4 stars cause youd be lucky if the device youre using has all the features, and its still a pretty good editing app. Recommend

What the hell is wrong with this app? I love this because I can edit vids for free. I downloaded a video from the Internet, I tried to edit it but it said "This file type is unsupported." It was an .mp4 file!!!! Why does it not work??? FIX THIS PLS. 5 star

When you export a video in FHD then it comes out crappy Works great

C, mon guys!! This app app is the best ever for mobile Kill your time and learn how to use it.....and thank me later! Recommend for you Thanks to the owner of this app It deserves 5 * bro! Marvelous

it's a good app but i can't download any fonts?? it keeps on saying 'Asset Download Failed' and it's frustating me :')) pls help Worth a go!

This is a really solid app for video editing that is easy to use. And that is one of the reasons why I could recommend downloading this app. Other than that if you want to edit and produce videos but don't want to load them up on a computer or laptop then I can also recommend this app cause then you can do a lot of full Sledge editing from your smartphone or tablet or maybe even your Chromebook haven't tested that one yet. Perfect!

I think what it offers would be great if it were free. But I feel like the technical side doesn't live up to a monthly fee. I spent the 1st several months using the app limitedly because there's no clear guide on what all the app can do. (U have to play around& guess or try to find out on YouTube. The user guide section SUCKS Good

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I love this app so much. It's the best video editing app. I was searching for a good video app for 2 years and then I found this one and the search stopped. I don't have premium and it's still great. I love how I can use music from my phone as well. This app works so well with my YouTube videos. 5 star

Everything ok.. but cheating me!!!.... for an love effect kine master tells download an app i downloaded that app from play store, Google, UC browser i can't get that affect i need that what can i do?? Awesome

This is a really professional grade video editing software for your phone making it easy to professionally edit videos on the go! Tons of options and quality functions and output makes this app better than all others I have tried! Very impressed. Update: this is still the best hands down! Please continue to add more format support for video import. Great!

Out of all the video editor apps that I tried, kinemaster is by far the best one. Highly recommend buying the subscription as it gives you more things to be able to use while editing. Works great

Can't assess to asset store after bought the subscription. I love this apps and this team deserve my money. Thus, i bought the subscription. But after i subscript, i can't assess to the asset store. Please fix this Omg

Tea this aap is great to use make video with slide show and i love it and very Enjoying . But i a have question that why can't i use more fx in the editting my video .. Plz give me ans .. Thanks & Regard by PAVAN PRAJAPATI Highly Recommend.

This is by far the best Mobile Editing app I've encountered! There are so many different things you can do and add to enhance videos, and you can trim, add music, voiceovers, popups, effects, transitions, adjust color, add overlays, text, adjust the speed, compile videos, adjust chroma key, and there are so many other features all implemented for free! This app has extremely fun and helpful, and I always use it and will continue to! Recommend

This is the best video editor in the world.I used to think professional video editing can only happen in desktop and with desktop editors but I was wrong it can also happen in android.Just because of this nice app.Becase of this I can edit.I love editing.If anybody is reading my comment and also finding good editor. so I deffinetely recommend this app.The I hate about this app is some effects and features are locked.The watermark also destroys the whole work. Superb!

Its great honestly I'm just missing the ability to cut audio files in better ways like cutting off the first part and putting that cut audio file's start at the beginning of the vid Does this make sense? Probably not but it's great Works great

PLS fix it there is bug where when you export your work and its exporting when the estimated time left is at 4 it says kinemaster has stop i tried uninstalling and installing but still doesnt work pls fix this plssssss this is the only video editing i know that works Pretty good

Sure it's an awesome app at first, but if you plan to do a great Amv film, I wouldn't recommend it. I don't usually review apps at all but this one I felt compelled to speak my voice cause this app has alot of potential but it sold short on one big problem you wouldn't notice unless you rewatched your edit from beginning to end dozens of times. That problem is the lack of the music synching up, I think specifically the video can suddenly be laggy at times which are so small you don't even notice until a minute later where your video and music is off by 9 milliseconds, and if kept continuing for say 10 minutes you'll find your video and music to be off by 4 seconds!! This is an easy fix that I believe the developers are already aware of. Go well

Amazing app, the only request is. Make it more affordable to remove your logo. Because most of people don't want to buy monthly plans or one time purchase. They generally need it for one or two videos in a while. So charge it per video basis. Rest all awesome. Surprisingly

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