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I really like this because there are so many choices to choose from, and they all look very nice, the only thing I kind of don't like is that when there is something that overlaps the letters it makes it harder to see what letters you are tong to type. otherwise I love it!!! wow lol

I want to give it 5 stars but a popup keeps appearing saying that I need to optimize dispute me already doing so? I love this app and want to keep using its colorful keyboards but till it stops I can't use this app anymore. Cool

its really cool and it gave me emoji's that I didn't have before...cuz I have android but....there's auto correct. and it makes some of the words in to completely different ones. Works perfectly

I like Kika keyboard but recently it has started to offer to optimize my phone several times each day. I can;t find a setting to make it stop doing that. If someone can explain how to stop this on my Android phone (LG G5) I will give it a higher score. Great job

I like this app a lot because of the wide variety of choices. The only flaw I have with it is you have to download another app to get the keyboard this app is really good though Amazing!

Needs more text made emoticons (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ & compatible with Skype. I use the gifs & other emojis & it sends as a picture or video file that doesnt work Good

I don't know much about it but I downloaded the rose gold app and it said to download this... So wasting data but seems likes it's working Monaco. ( funny cause I'm using the keyboard right now Great job

I love this app...super cute, I am typing with Kika Keyboard right now! They have super cute emojis and support most devices. I am in love with the stickers, and the emojis are up to date, more than my original keyboard. Download this free, amazing app! wow lol

The only problem I have with this app is the notifications 3-4 times a day with new keyboard themes! Is there any way of stopping the notifications? Im about to uninstall just because of that, because otherwise I really like everything else. Amazing!

This app is amazing but the themes take up your storage so I use my pictures for it but I think they should bring out alot of emoji's like the forever like IOS kinds for andriods Works perfectly

I've used this app for a few years now and really enjoy being able to create my own customized keyboards. Lately, it's been a pain because the text prediction is awful. E.g. I'll type "Its" with the intention to write "It's" but it autocorrects to "Guarantees" which doesn't make any sense and is a word I seldom use. I really like the large selection of languages, but since I'm learning Japanese right now, it was pretty disappointing that it's not available. I really hope you're working on a Japanese one because I don't want to have to download a whole other app just for one language. Superb!

I wanted to use this app for those little stickmen animations, they looked funny and unique. Guess im stupid for believing something was original, other than that, good work. Surprisingly

I love this. If it wasn't for this app I would have been sad and messing up my keyboard so thank you Flawless

This is awesome and I think just a little bit more in it and you will have more downloads Not bad

I have looked for apps like this and they have not been as good as this app I think you should get this app. Works great

I love this app its realy easy I love my keyboard that i made and one thing i wish they add is iPhone emoji that would be really nice to have Works perfectly

Disappointed that the app. Doesn't have a search for emoji. Like, smile, sad, happy, the different holidays, etc Enjoy it!

This is one of the best keyboards. It offers regular and android emoljis as well as many others, and doesn't have any ads in your face. No popups either. And the size, color, design, and font of the keyboard is customizable! Definitely work downloading! Muito bom!

This app is AMAZING i loved all the new keypads.but there were some problems with the keypad i changed my writing style and i tryed writing...and when i was finished I saw the words were upside down pls fix this. Awesome


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