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I love the keyboards and the custimazation is good i havent messed around with much else Enjoy it!

I think I love it. I mean make your own that's asome.really the bad thing is kika wallpaper is a bumder Fantastic

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Its Amazing. Been playing around with it. Just love the fact u can put your own picture as your keyboard. Go well

Good. But hate that every time you want a knew keyboard you have to download another app! Brilliant

This app is DA best I love it so much if u could see my key bored theme u would definitely want to get it.thanks for the good app and keep up the wonderful work. Works perfectly

I think it is ok because the emojis don't work ,but the keyboard is really nice. I have a Samsung and i want emojis and this was the only one there that i thought might have them but this app doesn't work. If you are looking for a nice keyboard then this is the app for you . but if you are looking for Emojis on a samsung then you will not be it . Well done!!

I did love it and enjoy all the themes. After an update I stupidly decided to activate even though it was a year old, my keyboard is slightly different in negative ways. The most frustrating is the loss of the down arrow that used to be in the upper right corner and allowed me to dismiss. The keyboard. Its even more needed now because the keyboard takes up more spaces than it did so I'm constantly looking to dismiss it. I've looked through settings and don't see a way to re-enable it and now I have to keep scrolling the screen down just to see what I'm typing. Ugh. I will likely have to find a new keyboard after using this for almost 4 years :( Marvelous


Not very many options that appeal to me. Also way way to many notifications this on top of being confusing to use. Brilliant

It's nice just you should add a search thing that you type for what you want as a keyboard Amazing!

This app is greate for u because it lets u choose what kind of background u want or u can customize ur own Just wow

I love kika keyboard fast typing nice auto correct official emoji key super cute themes for free good swiping best Perfect

I liked it a lot its just the notifications is there any way of stopping the notifications otherwise it was an amazing app with so many different keyboard themes and i also recommend unicorn keyboard it is one of the best apps for keyboard themes once you get it you don't have to download any more themes you just apply it Not bad

Is a good keyboard app, but I rated this 4 star instead of 5. Here's why: When I have it, I'll get random reminds to change my keyboard. If you guys already gave me one I like, and I don't want any other keyboards, why do you keep pressuring me to get a new one every day? Secondly, it keeps trying to optimize my phone when I unplug it, and in order to stop it, I have to click the tiny x in order to stop it. Can you leave me a way to stop this from happening? My phone already has ways to optimize and perform at max speed on its own. I don't need a keyboard app to do it for me. The really annoying thing is that it'll optimize it when I'm on high battery life, and it'll slow my phone down as the little menu pops up. Very irritating. Again, I want to say both humbly and honestly that I love this keyboard and this app, but I would like to see these things change so that I can keep enjoying my keyboard and the use of my phone. Thank you, Kika. Not bad

I love it so much! But.... I love the keyboard so much but I hate the tiny symbols found in the letters. I hope there is a feature that disables the symbols from appearing thank you Enjoy it!

Its a decent app but every time the cord come unplugged I get a lame popup. The feature in question is some kind of battery plug in buts its irritating. Its saupuse to be helpful but its not. Enjoy it!

For some reason there is a feature that keeps popping up telling me to optimize the keyboard om using. There doesn't seem to be an option to turn it off and it pops up frequently enough that it becomes annoying. Besides that the themes are great - plenty of options. Well done!!

Love it love it love it best keyboards ever there so cute I got an beautiful owl and the downloads are free so you people are wrong and when you download it it takes up no space awesome its awesome download it Good

Ok, well I mean its a good app, but you have to install the theme keyboards, I dont like that because whenever I want to install a different app, it tells me to uninstall some apps, when I have more Kika keyboard stuff. Please do an update i really am not happy, Thank you. Awesome

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