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It is so cute and so cool I love this app but I wish you didn't have to download a sepreat keyboard to make it look cooler. Worth a go!

Omg i love it its so cool i love it Its nice, I have a lot of emojis to choose i like it very much Download it now! Highly Recommend.

I love this app but I had issues where it said "kika keyboard keeps stopping" and I had to reinstall it but it's a good app overall Good

This is constantly a great and fun experience. With each keystone I have so much fun and excitement. Great!

I like the app but I think they should add an option to search for gifs. Also when I send gifs, my friend tells me they move too fast. If you fix these issues I can give 5 stars. Flawless

I love this even though you have to download other apps but its very cute and useful i have a really cute background and you can find one to theres more good things I can say but this is the best one to say DOWN LOAD THIS APP love it

This is a great app but the one thing I dont like is have to download screen keyboard lock and its kinda confusing but once you get the hang of it it's color OK I don't regret downloading this wow lol

Why does it make me go through so much to get a keyboard and it didn't even give me the right one #unusfulapp Surprisingly

Everything else is good it just wont let me make my own custom keyboard plz fix this teensy problem Great!

I love this app it allows me to use exotic keyboards and doesn't take much spaces. Great app Well done!!

U do not work I was hoping I can do cool emojis and send them to my friends but it seems like I can't even do them and I can't even do my own voice and my own reaction to his totally sucks and it all just because I have a different type of phone and not a iPhone app or upgrade your app so I can work for all phones but 5 star

It's pretty good I just wanted microphone to talk and cuz I don't want to type all this like I'm doing right now cuz it's so much easier but I just can't find it so make a microphone Go well

I love this app!! I can use my personal pics change colors of the keys and the keyboard as well as setting a color that pops up when the keys are pressed. Perfect!

I love this app it works well and has great wallpapers and every thing it has adds 1 or 2 but besides that I love it Perfect

Cool app! The only thing is when I try to send a gif it opens a brand new text instead of staying on the one I already have open. Besides that love it! Cool

Pop up ads are showing up on my screen even when my phobe is locked. That is not okay. Surprisingly

I do enjoy this keyboard but for some reason when I type a perfectly normal sentence that makes sense, it changes words to ones that don't make sense with my sentences. And I really hate that. It makes typing take way longer which sort of disregards the point for me. Enjoy it!

This is sick a good app. I think that when you have the option of making/customizing your own keyboard is an amazing idea. I like having personalized stuff on my phone. It makes me feel unique. Im so happy of how it came out. Worth a go!

I saw a advertisement on Instagram for this where there was music w/ a emoji and the emoji danced/sang along w/ it. I want to know if it actually does that because that's cool af and is literally the only reason I downloaded it Recommend

ɨts ʄʊռ ʏօʊ aʀɛ sɦօաɛɖ ɛʋɛʀʏɨռɨռɢ tօ ɖօ aռɖ ɦօա tօ tɦɨռɢ օռ tɦɛ քʟaʏ store Amazing!

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