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I love this SO much and I really like the keyboards you start off with and you can also make your own which is really cool you can choose the background or you can get your own background which my keyboards background says Queen so I really like that the only thing I don't like is that it didn't change my Emojis but I got more emojis than I actually had so that's pretty cool as well I just really think this is a very good app and a lot of my friends have complimented me on my keyboard love love love this app and I think you should try it out to Not bad

I can finally remove my stupid keyboard (it's too thin) but I have a question: how do I put my own pic for the background? Go well

This is probably the best app if you want cool keyboard themes, kika keyboard has anything you could possibly want on your keyboard and it's easy to personalize. Surprisingly

Its amazing it gives your keybord a nice look instead of a boring old normal one Just wow

I really love this keyboard, it's easy to use and has lots of features. BUT, a recent update added gif suggestions which are very intrusive and can't be turned off. I'm not gonna come in here and go 1 STAR!! UNINSTALLING NOW!!1 but please let us turn that off. thx EDIT: That option really was there wasn't it, I was just blind. You guys are amazing. Superb!

When iam typing hi or ohh something like that the word comes as gif file i hate the gif recommendation atleast put up a option to turn off gif recommend Worth it!

Not like others who will bother you with tons adds wich is annoying, this one serve you free and really worth it, greats app thanks guy Perfect

You guys had this on an add for KOSDFF on YouTube that's why I'm here that's why I'm downloading I think I'm going to enjoy it too LOL Awesome

Love it!! And I'm using one of the themes at the exact same time I'm typing this! Well done!!

loooove this keyboard. Been changing my phone for 4 times but always using this keyboards. Amazing!

I so love this app, just updated it and I so love the new features Worth a go!

Somewhere along the way an update caused my text correction to block offensive words to quit working. cute little GIFs pop up block your send button on sms text quickreply area. annoying but can be turned off. wow lol

I am utilizing a METRO PCS ZMAX PRO Z-981 & I found myself going back & forth from G-Board to the Kika & now I find myself devoted to this Keyboard. Great work! Just wow

I freaking love this app man! The keyboards are awesome and adorable! A well worth a 5 star rating! Surprisingly

Really good doesn't use too much gigs bites only 777 kilobites which is less then a migebite. Lots of emotes. And when u type it gives different writing screens to choose really awsome not a rip off Well done!!

Amazing app love it been using it for years, but had to change cause you guys dont have the new 3D emoji which sucks, let me know wen u update thanks Amazing!

Omg omg amazing u can customize anything great time killer to mess around with and figure out new stuff and impress your friends Great job

I love all the things you can pick to be your keyboard its perfect for my phone and so many different emojis and figure Muito bom!

It is good but it need a cheetah app something like that but it takes lots of space 5 star

The colors are lovely and it works with all of my text messaging apps. I just wish there was not so many pop ups that show when I open my phone. Fantastic

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