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I really like this keyboard but the predictive text is so bad I spend too much time correcting. I had to stop using it. REPLY TO KIKA SUPPORT When swiping it hardly ever gets the word right, the word isn't in the suggestions either. So I have to delete and type it in. It's very frustrating and time consuming. I will continue to switch to this keyboard from time to time hoping for it to improve but so far it hasn't. Other than that I like all the other features. I'm really looking forward to this app too improve. If it does, I can use this keyboard solely. Flawless

Its easy to use the only downside is it takes up too much spaces for every keyboard you download it downloads a whole new app but the final product is very cool. Worth a go!

It is excellent ,works perfectly being using it for s very long time but haven't disappointed me Highly Recommend.

I love this keyboard because you can completely customize your phone!!!! I do wish the space bar didnt have kika written on it. 5 star

Amazing Cause I can get all kinds of things on there and they are so cute and pretty Perfect

This app is great but you can add more emojis pls! Right now my keyboard is in its custom galaxy themed :3 that i mad myself so there! I love this app!!!!! Great job

This app is AWESOME!! It has beautiful themes, i'm not so sure about the emojis though, because when I tried to get different emojis,they were still the same. Omg

I love this app because it has so many cool themes and nice fonts! My favourite app Awesome

I love all the options this app gives me. There is so much more to it then I thought. Works perfectly

Its the best keyboard app ever.Some may think that I am exxagerating for them try it Perfect!

Its really good because if you don't want a plain keyboard you can either choose one or create your own by pressing the paint brush Muito bom!

I found a keyboard to type in any sentences. That is only my love Kika Keyboard. I can say confidently about this is best keyboard in android world. I so much love this keyboard. It is over all perfect for typing any words and sentences. My favorite and one choice is Kika Keyboard. I chose it for me for whole my life... Omg

Loved it at first, I've used it for a year or two now but here recently it's started popping up a forced battery optimizing add that happens every time I put my phone on charge or take it off, and also happens at my 15% battery life warning and 5% warning. It got really aggravating Works great

Love Kika its the only one I use. And I do samsung themes bam my phone is decked out ready to go! kika has so many I like I have several saved to use. Superb!

I NEEDED THIS! This is perfect I have been needing this 'cause my keyboard is kinda ugly. But with this, it is perfect Amazing!

I love this app it's really mgood I use it on my phone and tablet. It's really fun because you can decorate your keyboard! I really like it! Flawless

Its a good app.... It just makes you download other apps to get the keyboard that you want and takes up a lot of storage Pretty good

I LOVE KIKA! Their is so many thing u can do with kika. # best keyboard app ever! Marvelous

i ʆѳѵɛ tɦiร ɑpp ɑɳɗ itร Բѳɳtร iѵɛ ɓɛɛɳ ɗѳwɳʆѳɑɗiɳg kɛyɓѳɑʀɗร ɑʆʆ ɗɑy ɓut i wiรɦ tɦɛʀɛ wɛʀɳt ɑɗร ɑɳɗ ɳѳ ɓɑttɛʀy kɛyɓѳɑʀɗ ѳptiɱizɑtiѳɳ รʀรʆy i ʆѳѵɛ tɦiร ɑpp gʀɛɑt ʝѳɓ guyร ɑɳɗ pʆɛɑรɛ gɛt ɱѳʀɛ wɑʆʆpɑpɛʀร ѳɳ tɦɛ kikɑ wɑʆʆ pɑpɛʀร (i uรɛɗ tɛรtiɳg\ ɗiรcѳʀɗ) รѳ Բɑʀ ɳѳ gʆitcɦɛร <3 5 star

The app is good I love the emoji setting and custom designs .. The is a little slight lag in my phone but for the most part it a good app Enjoy it!

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