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I loved it because I want to become a doctor so i really loved it but there is a problem there are so many ads if one ad comw then again again that ad reapeted and that so irrtating Amazing!

I liked it ,but there are too many ads in the way! Can you please fix that . It would be better. Amazing!

It's good but when I sometimes touch a button it doesn't let me do the thing that I want to do Must have

My 3 and 4 yr old grandkids love this game. After curing each child my granddaughter is so proud that she did it. I love that they are learning to be productive rather than mindless play. Works perfectly

My kids have played this game for years! Would pay for the game if I could, it's that good! Great for 2-7+ years old! Love so many Iabuzz games! Go well

Alyssa wants to be a Doctor. This app is a good doctor/patient introduction to start early and dream big! Thank you Recommend

عالی بود برای پزشکان واقعا عالی هست و یک ستاره ازش کم میکنم wow lol

My 4yr old son loves this game & I'll admit even I like playing it too! It's a pretty kewl game. Omg

My little daughter has many dreams of being a doctor this app has helped her and she's confident for being something good in life Surprisingly

Love this game! Got my 3 year old wanting to brush his teeth more than once a day because he sees the germs on the game and he doesn't want germs in his mouth. Worth it!

This game is perfect and it is most special game for me because we don't need to unlock all the stages in it and it is very simple this is my favourite game Good

It is soooo cute the way that the girl says 'thank you'. If u find this cute then I think u should download this game. DOWN LOAD IT NOW!!!!☺ Not bad

It's OK but it's little boring and I like how the kids say thank you for making me feel better I still love it good game Marvelous

Hi I am Rupkatha, I looooooooooooooooved this game . I also got an experience of a doctor. Only the game has too many ads or else its a wonderful game Fabulous!

Yusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssßssssssssss love baby games like this so weird how they always say thank you Great job

it was superb . my daughter aaru is very happy to see this game. actualy it made my daughter doctor. Worth it!

My son is 3 and loves this game... It takes a lot to hold his attention and this game works! Amazing!

My 4 year old: It was easy for her to get an understanding of the game and she loves it, she plays it frequently. Good

I am looking for an experienced and a bit of fun and games for the first time in the morning and evening entertainment and the family and friends and colleagues in the morning Brilliant

Excellent for toddlers. No sneaky hidden charges. Ads r miniscule. My 3yo adores it! Worth a go!

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