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I hate it when every time we choose a color, a girl has to just say the name of it Worth a go!

I love this game my grandson also love this and when he cry I give this game my grandson Not bad

I like it overall but the adds are starting to get on my nerves. Is their a way to save a drawing without shareing it? Good

it is a nice game it is having i think 30 pictures are there in this drawing Good

My Granddaughter loves it except adds would pop up every 5 seconds , I can understand if there was an add after each page was colored, Good

I love it so so much more than different games ..... Awesome

This is very best game in the world I really like this game thank you 2bros - ga.e for kids you are best game in the world Highly Recommend.

I think it's a nice game to enjoy in bored time. It will help us to make our colouring sense very nice. From my side I loved this game. 5 star

Nice game for kids. kids will learn a lot about colours and colouring from this game . Just wow

This game is very very good because it has fun and amazing pictures and colours this is best download now this game and rate also this app please. Amazing!

The game 's drawing really beautiful . The colours so beautiful Enjoy it!

Best game ever in the whole world I like their part which you colour I love this game so much Great job

That I love coloring so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth it!

It's really good Fabulous!

Great game I would say it is for younger children about 6 years old should stop there. My child loves it even though his name is Jack a boy he is still addictive to it. Sometimes I go on it when I am waiting for the train. It's great for waiting so if you are bored you should go on it. You should have it.xx 5 star

I think it's great and has a lot of variety, my 2yr old loves scribbling away on it. Keep it up Great job

It's okay I like it actually it tells what we are selecting and which colour we are selecting............ I am happy .... wow lol

Make it more difficult waaaay to easy plus this game i thought was great for a four year old but she was whining saying she couldnt do anything she wanted make it so they can also draw their own pictures to colour in...thought it would keep her busy just made her harder to look after no thanks to you Well done!!

It is for kids, but some of them would be to hard. It would be hard to figure out for a child, but Teens and tweens would be alright. Omg

Nice daugther very liked it. Nice nice nice. Now she enjoy painting..... Not bad

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