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It's a good dictionary. One more thing that the programmer should improve this dictionary is add more synonym. Perfect

It's really useful for all the learner and don't spend too much time or money to it. 5 star

nice and useful app for searching for items in English. But the app developer should technically contain voices of speaker for offline use. Go well

Perfect app and it's easy to use for checking in any means of the English words to the Khmer words /(Cambodian) and or for the both of languages by my android phone. Thanks for the greatest English Khmer Dictionary App developers for Android phone. Please keep in update it. Perfect!

One of the best dictionary but crash quite often recently. But still recommend this app. Enjoy it!

It easy to use to find a lot of words for students and useful . Make us confident Highly Recommend.

Best serch It help me alots in my studying english i can check the words in this dictionary and it give me good result. Works perfectly

Great dictionary I like it very much for learning khmer and would be ultimate when the user can delete or enter words ... then it's worth 5★ Pretty good

Keeps crashing It keeps crashing on android. It provides good info but after every word I have to reopen. Awesome

Well done, thank you! It's a very comprehensive dictionary when learning Khmer, only the phonetic + transcription has to be improved. - Is there a way to delete some words? Highly Recommend.

Almost perfect I'd like to be able to look up a word in English, and have it give me the Khmer word and audio; not the audio for the English word. I know the English word already. Enjoy it!

It's good to help you for your writing. However, it is so weird if you ask it to pronounce a word in Khmer. Works perfectly

I am happy to use this app,it has mor khmer work in use. But it cannot use for long term. Why that? Great!

Search bar Should clear search after 1 search . Make it easy to search other without erase one by one. Worth a go!

Bin Thun This dictionary is very good for me as I have never met. It has many various words related to the main word cheked. Moreover it can keep the checked words in its history page. Only the Khmer pronounciation is not clear...but never mind for me... Enjoy it!

Best best I like the way they translate and make me easy to looking for both of the word in Khmer and English. Superb!

Good source

Khmer is not Khmer (Wrong Language). English is good, but Khmer is not Khmer. Sounds like French computer trying to read Khmer spelled in English. Please correct and I will change my rating. Thanks. Worth it!

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