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Why can we not choose another language like why tell me why and also I loved the app to it was awesome Enjoy it!

This app is amazing. But could you be able to rotate the picture you want and use the pictures you have as front covers for your other home screen Surprisingly

It should be better........... we do not get the opportunity to give our password in as many as numbers we want Go well

I love this app it is so fun I love the dog wallpapaer it so cute Muito bom!

Mabye you should inclued the battery percent of the device. But otherwise, its brilliant. LOVE IT!!! Pretty good

Cool and real some other are blah make me say *zzzzzzzzz since sing up then its nothing or fake this no sing up and not fake 5 star

I really like how of people try and go in your phone they think u don't have a password but then it pops up and they get mad and they try and figure it out but then they don't love it

It is cool and amazing i can change it and i can keep the password to myself and i can show my mom the password and i dont have to show the password to my sister's Perfect

This app is really helpful when you want to keep your pesky friends out of your phone Not bad

I love it cuz now nobody can go in my business this is one of the best lock screens I loved it Cool

This is a really fun app!! At first I thought that its gonna be useless, But when I downloaded it, it was impeccable!! You should really download it, if you want to extra secure your device!!☺ Pretty good

This app is mostly keeps my mom out of my phone. But sometimes the app glitches and does not keep my mom out of my phone Fantastic

It's good to have when u don't want nobody on your electronic I love it cause my brother can't get on it Flawless

I think this app was really great well if you know how to use it but I really liked it it was really fun and cool love it Marvelous

Really enjoyed this app so fun and cool because my family don't now how too get on my fone Pretty good

It keeps my sister's from reading my things it's like your phone being your own diary with an amazing lock screen it doesn't take to much space Worth a go!

I love this app.My mom could always get in my phone but now she does not know my password. Well done!!

I love this app cuz I was trying to use my deadpool wallpaper and on other apps it will not let u use the gallery Not bad

I love that we can put our bak ground from our galery it is nice and I like when we can do our own thing to Awesome

I think i liked this apps because they make my mobile safe if others people's want tu open or steal..!!!!! Well done!!

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