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I'd say that you can call this game RPG alongside with other jrpg without shame. The only downside that it's too hard to gain money and levels. If you're willing to spend time to grind, then this game is right. Very suitable rpg adjustment for a smartphone. Brilliant

Cute RPG with well-balanced level progression and good mix of items to collect. Crashes occasionally at higher levels. Open while offline to avoid the ads. Go well

Centipede meets an RPG, addictive, unique, and a good story. Too many ads for more stars. love it

Love these throwback graphic games. It's treats 8 bit like is a real art style instead of outdated. This game gets dinner and dinner at least fur me. I'm really liking everything from Elk Chan. Keep it up Worth a go!

Love it! Absolutely adorable froggies. It's sarcastic and humorous, simple, yet challenging, and very addictive! Perfect!

Lovely original little game The artwork and dialogue is endearing and the gameplay is an original take on the "snake" formula. The difficulty ramps up towards the end, and it gets a little grindy before the last level, but it's just wonderful overall. I'd very much recommend playing. Must have

Frogs Mechanics are simple but the characters and story are pretty great, worth playing. Great!

Amazing and cute game Really simple and addictive. The writing is really funny and never fails to put a smile on my face. Like nothing you've played before, the effort that Lek Chan went to shows through :) Flawless

Love this game Decent time killer. Lot of fun. But when I'm in the dungeon half the time I can't move up till I mess around on another app. It's getting worse the more I level up... just beat the game, I wish there was more content! Works great

Creative, the RPG elements make the game more interesting, the frogs are really funny and also cute, kero! The minus is sometimes the game dont respond accurately to the swipe or direction that i gave, the frogs just stuck there back & forth at the corner. It will be perfect if the problem fixed. love it

Great game Great gameplay and cool story but please fix it because sometimes the game forced to quit. I think fix the bug first please. Can't wait for new updates. Thanks. Surprisingly

Great fun! I really enjoy this fun cute frog game enjoyable challenging and well put together the adds dont even bother me very much. I would love to see more games come from this developer with similar art work style Muito bom!

Love this game Decent time killer. Lot of fun. But when I'm in the dungeon half the time I can't move up till I mess around on another app. It's getting worse the more I level up. It's extremely annoying Worth a go!

Heavy-handed Monetization Game has not only an always visible ad banner, an interstital at the end of every stage, there's also an energy system—which you can't be rid of even with IAPs—and of course, IAPs. The game itself seems decent but when the seems so visibly show the intent to nickel and dime, enjoyment becomes a lack thereof. Works perfectly

Fun, cute and engaging Much fun. I don't know why but it's really really fun to play. The dialogue is funny and not the usual boring fare. Cool

Frogs! Lovely pixel art, cute characters, and a very different sort of game play from previously experienced rpg's. Works great

Very Playable It's like an actual game with story and side quests. I love it so much, just wish there wasn't an energy bar. Awesome

Great game I love it its just kinda slow walking and stuff but I know I can sswoth the lead but its still slow going around everywhere Flawless

Overall this game is not too bad but the controls are really a hindrance since they respond poorly or not at all.....bad controls takes this game from being good to just ok Works perfectly

Super clever Like old school Nokia snake meets classic RPG. Challenging game with some clever and innovative mechanics I've never seen before. Happy I found this. Highly recommend. Works great

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