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一直加载不到页面,明明网络没问题,可是就是一直出现网络连接不上,其他 App 都正常使用,就只有 Keep 是不行的,希望可以改进 Go well

Keep已经是我生活中的一部分,看着自己的身体随着Keep不停地变化和强大,只有变得更好没有其它,Keep it up! 唯一的遗憾可能就是连线不太稳定。 Works great

过得去吧,确实帮我这个健身小白上了道,但是能不能别每次网络切换就弹出 好像失去了全世界 的toast啊。 Must have

My phone suddenly can't use it. It keep asking me check my internet, but my internet definitely no problem. Enjoy it!

天天 Keep!! 但我的只有跑步才有步數,其他日子直接0步! Highly Recommend.

解说员的声音的确很讨厌,最烦她说"快快快",感觉很凶,不是激励。V字对抗支持的v永远发成"威",对于一个有海外背景的app来讲不应该。最大的问题还是动作的编排,训练中的一些拉伸 调整和休息非常没必要而且和整套动作锻炼的目标不配套。 Omg

总体很好。Keep的课程表时间能更灵活就好了!还有希望可以cast到chromecast或者roku上。 Worth a go!

解说的声音很讨厌,凶巴巴的,默认的音乐也很吵闹,必须要手动关掉 我现在只好静音才能练。希望app开发者能够解决这个问题。 Brilliant

听人推荐,真不错,第一次用,跟着视频练习,每组不长,容易跟下来 5 star

A very useful fitness app I have used this app for half a year. It really helps me to achieve my fitness target. Love it! Well done!!

不错很好好 什么时候数据可以连接Google fit啊?還有智能手錶app哦,那麼可以在手錶上看動作就好了,不用看手機。 Just wow

Wow Really good app but supremely tiring, and as the other ppl has mentioned,it would be better of there was english. Muito bom!

Great app It's a pretty good fitness app. It would be even better if there was a basic English interface. One issue though is that sometimes it doesn't record your results if you skip the rating screen after each exercise by pressing the back key on your phone. It happened several times when I went running so be careful. Also, it would be nice if we could choose who's presenting each exercise--either male of female. Now it's default based on your gender. Works perfectly

升级了AVG Protection后,Keep竟然被扫描到说是potentially unwanted program..为什么?之前还好好的。 Not bad

更新描述差评 每次更新描述都一样,到底更新了什么用户也不知道,你们可长点心吧 Great!

喜欢这次的updated version Go well

很棒的健身 APP 希望能增加 Zumba 课程,虽然说已经有很多课程了 5 star

Great App Very convenient and get you motivated. The training classes are very well organized. Enjoy it!

You can create your personalized plan based on your exercise level. good for starters Not bad

good fitness APP with terrific community. However its server does not serve US so well as it serves China. Perfect

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