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This app limited music and you cannot record yourself singing it I really wish I could find a good karaoke app

awesome I getting to sing my favorite song forever love it made me cry a lot someday I will sing her and I will say your so awesome you work hard on it

Flipping brilliant I thought a karaoke app might be fun for the kids, I thought searching would be a pain due to the amount of rubbish there is on GP but this is fantastic, you get the odd advert but the database is endless, truly 10/10 and you can record.

Songs I really love singing and i thought there will not be any apps like this yokee is better than global karoaok

I love it so much I choose this one because it better than children karaoke and voice karaoke . With out a stranger know because your on the YouTube or Facebook . And it's way much safe than ever . That is why I say I love it.

Wish to share It is great! Karaoke mode is awesome! How I wish that my recording can share it to my friends in their messenger , whatssapp or IMO.

OH MY CLAWS!!!! I love it!!♥♡Tgis is the coolest app in the world!!plz try it and sing from your heart♥

Chanlie It is great I love it I can sing when ever I want to WOW

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