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The app lets you look at bus routes and oncoming buses to your stop, and see buses moving in real time. However, it doesn't let you plan your current location and desired destination and time (!!). Also, the only method of searching for your bus stop is through your stop number, so if you don't know it, you will need to search it up with a maps app or go to the stop yourself and note down the number. That being said it is an overall messy app to use and needs a lot of work. Fabulous!

Would definitely appreciate language translations, because I cannot read any of the bus stop or map information. However, using the "current location" option to find bus arrival times in my area is very helpful, as well as the "direct bus to home" feature was very helpful when I figured out how to use it. Brilliant

출발예정 시간까지 알려주면 정말정말 좋을 것 같아요. 지금은 No data로 떠요. Amazing!

Make route diagram ring-shaped or double-lined. Singleline is uninformative and counterintuitive because it is hard determine which way the bus is moving Perfect

Works great. Tells you when the next bus is coming. Finds the closest bus stops nearby. So far no bugs or problems. Very useful app. Saves time. Perfect!

하차알람 잘되던디~~ 이어폰 끼고있으면 음성으로 알려주는것도 짱조음 Great!

Language It would be good to have an English language option for those who do not speak or read Korean. The rest works fine. Must have

English speaking user I like how I can use English here, but would be more useful if I can plot a course from A to B and the app show me the correct route and bus numbers to take. Bonus feature that would earn 5 stars is notification that you are approaching transfer or destination. 5 star

Good..can be improved for offline users Is it possible to save the bus root for the favourite bus in the app. It will be very good feature when the user is offline. Flawless

좋아요! 카카오버스 좋네요. 시간 가끔 안맞는데.. 많이는 아닌 것 같고… 알람 기능이 승차하차 나누어진게 좋은것 같아요. Works perfectly

worth installing detailed info about buses in many cities all over Korea including maps... u can even set alarms to when the bus gets to ur stop... u can also request taxis from the stop u r in.... Worth a go!

굿 정말 유용한 앱입니다! 도착시간도 거의 정확합니다~ 하지만 앞으로는 꼭 M버스, red bus(인천) 잔여좌석정보 받을 수 있도록 개선 부탁드립니다 :) 5 star

다 좋은데 강남/서울 마을버스도 시간이 나왔으면 좋겠네요. 감사합니다~ Worth a go!

The old one was a little bit convenient, but It's because I was used to it. A familiar job doesn't mean always good, and can't make me get better. I love this new one also, and believe you will give me better features with more accurate info. soon. Thanks. Omg

오마이갓 세상에 이런 어플이.. 서울 버스 때부터 썻는데 업뎃이 잘됐네요 뭔가 디자인이 아기자기하면서 깔끔한게 디자이너분이 디테일하게 신경을 잘 쓰신 것 같아요 Not bad

대구 되어서 완전 좋아요♡ 완전 ㅠㅠ 서울서 쓰다가 대구안되는줄알구 슬펐는데 대구도 되어서 정말 좋아요♡♡

Updated Map function So they were nice to respond to my complaint. Also they said the next update will have the changes. Hopefully it will happen. Worth it!

need english can we get an english version for the tourist who visit and need to get around the city. five stars for english Not bad

짜증나게 오정보 겁나 많네요 9300번 인천방향 교대역 정류장 거기아니잖아요!!! 오정보 수정 바랍니다.

Pro more convenient, but hate subscription method Bought the Pro. Only worth the upgrade if you want convenience of widgets. Was disappointed that pro has an automatically renewing subscription that never stops unless you make it stop in google wallet. Hate that. Actual price is higher than app store shows. Also does not show maeul buses. Why not? Enjoy it!

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