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NEW REVIEW☆☆ The new update deleted my notes from since I started studying with Jehovah's Witnesses in July 2017. Considering I have daily personal studies, prepare for 2 meetings a week and a one on one bible study a HUGE amount of data is unaccounted for. Needless to say I'm not happy. Old review ☆☆☆ Great app! But I lowered my rating when I noticed that the one consistent feature seems to involve lag. I wish that: ☆You could undo when you've highlighted something accidentally. ☆ I could download the app on multiple devices and still be able to sync my notes to each one. (Maybe using a log in option or something) ☆I either had more options with highlighter colors (or even the ability to do all or some of these--bold, underline,italicize,capitalize,change font size, type or color) because I use the highlights to answer questions and highlight personal notes and questions. Sorry for the long review. Tx. May Jehovah bless you with the resources necessary to make this app accessible to everyone, including the physically or cognitively disabled. Highly Recommend.

Amazingly great thanks for heads up of the cool app, And it shows a lot of inspiring things such as the paradise and god and his name. This app for me is a FIVE Muito bom!

Excellent application. After one of the latest updates, all of my videos in kinyarwanda have disappeared... Omg

An excellent product, as you would expect from the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, well thought out and user friendly. I did, however, have difficulty getting back to the home screen after watching a video on full screen on my android phone; there was no option to close the video screen. A wee glitch to check for the next update. ☺ Fantastic

Oh no... all the spanish language media: videos and audio has completely disappeared! Is this a bug?Thank you so much. This tool is truly a blessing from Jehovah. This would be even more awesome if it had a calendar where you can track your service time and placements. Worth a go!

The pictures on the application are not the same as the ones on either the Watchtower or the study publication, Jesus the way, truth and life, at times some pictures are not on the application while they are on the hard copy. Work is needed. The is the best of its kind. But with the latest update, at times the application refuse to touch when you want to click on a scripture either in the Watchtower or in the daily text. Urgent update is needed. Then for the Windows 10 application. The songs for the meetings are not bold enough, the write up on HDMI display are not sharp. And the system application force stop most of the time so you have to close and reopen. Brilliant

The app is not full. It's missing some categories such as publications and programs.. Also, my PORTUGUESE videos have disappeared! Muito bom!

I use English and Spanish. With the new version 10.3 my Spanish videos disappeared on both Android phone and windows 10 computer. Pretty good

Que sucedio? Todo el media en español desapareció de repente. Lo desinstalé y volver a instalar y sigue el mismo problema. Por favor pueden solucionarlo? Este app es tan necesario en el servicio. Muchas muchas gracias por su duro trabajo. Awesome

All the spanish media is gone: videos and songs. Is it a bug? This app is very helpful in preparing for the meeting, service, family worship and personal study. Worth it!

All spanish media, videos and audio completely desappeared from the app, not even listed in both of my android devices. Enjoy it!

This morning my novelties in Spanish was gone and it says no Spanish downloads are available Omg

I simply love this awesome Bible library! Thanks to Jehovah and his wonderful organization. Well done!!

This app is so wonderful and very helpfull but I also think a recording of how the Bible reading should be read should also be included to the meeting section so as to help those who are finding it difficult to study or learn a new language. Thanks allot for your understanding. Highly Recommend.

Feature requests: Needs dark mode for ease of reading. And/Or the ability to change the screen background to softer colors to help reduce eye strain for users Saving content to google drive would help when upgrading/swapping or using multiple devices. Annotations right on publications text (perhaps inside a bracket) Need to make it easier for our older brothers and sisters to see the publication download progress bar. Currently the progress bar is so small I have a hard time seeing it, and I have 20/20 vision. Add a setting to auto download meeting publications you are missing. Not bad

If there was a 10 star rating, I give it a 100 stars rating.My initial review remains the same. Amazing!

Everything is ready and easy to use. Especiaĺy love new easy to use teaching toolbox where you can quickly access multiple languages. Great!

Its a wonderful tool and user friendly Very useful for personal study and helps me a lot in service Go well

I love this app but i cant download the new watchtower.... There is no option plz help me.... Good

Songs are not connected to interactive programs that reference. This is a new change. May have been missed in last update. Kind of cumbersome. Worth it!

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