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I Love this App cause it speeds my cellphone up a whole lot everybody should try it Fantastic

Haven't had the app long enough to give an honest review, but it's working well so far. Good

So far I think this app is quick, concise and informative... I'm not skiddish about what files its going to eradicate or other apps not working properly after its cleans my Android's operating system.... Kudos for your creation. Perfect!

I am suspicious. Every time that I clear the junk, it shows 976.6 clearedeven if I run it again. The other numbers all look the same too. I would like to hear about what this is and have a good explanation Worth it!

I have tried other apps that clean junk and they slowed the phone down this has not affected the phone that way. It may have actually speed it up. Must have

In order to install creehack I had to forcefully install this app and give it a five star Great job

Being held hostage by an app. Called " Ram Expander " they force ya to down load various non related apps to use there product..F*** you...!!! Cool

Because creehacker command me and said it is their sponsor so we better rate it 5 star or we can't download their scam app :) Just wow

Add all browser history eraser good work developers done good job add more features. Enjoy it!

Too many ads and pushy "install this" or "play this" junk. Just want clean, protected apps and system. Shouldn't have to watch that garbage to get it. Fantastic

Love it. Just cleans the ugly trash you don't need to use. Especially with T-Mobile and Cricket installing useless apps Works great

I think it's ok... Perhaps adding in a package zipper and emulator BIOS files would be helpful (.BIOS files aren't that important) Perfect!

You fixed constantly barraging us with notifications in the latest version of this app? Guess what, I did that too...way earlier... by turning off ALL notifications from this app. That works too :) Cool

It ACTUALLY WORKS! I am happy to have a working cleaner that gives you all the info and help you need. Superb!

Good if not vital for Android phones. Plenty of ads though, which can be somewhat tedious. Worth it!

Works well, ads aren't as bad as others I have seen. A little annoying with all the notifications enabled, but they easily let you configure that. Worth it!

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Just Cleaner tells it like it is. It gives a lot of good info upfront, doesn't trick you into thinking its doing more than it is and the ads are tolerable. And for free. That's for me. Good

Works very good on my phone but the settings bar menu is better then the interface Good

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