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It is vv fun and interesting and it can help u with spelling if you don't know any words. Go well

I think that this "game" needs a little more work because how can you figure out what an ax in the ground and a girl holding her hat with no gold and waiting on it to let you have an ad so I would rate this game a 3 stars. 5 star

Starts out very easy, then gets harder. The developers make them deliberately confusing, so you have to use coins, then you get 2 or 3 easy ones, then a deliberately confusing one again. For example, a picture of a plastic wizard Lego man was supposed to represent the word "age". Fantastic

This is my new favourite game! The levels aren't too hard or too easy, they're just right Well done!!

This is good. Sometimes I get stuck but other than that I seem to go through it quickly. Great!

This game seems like a fun hame to play when i am board. It also helps me calm down and have a little quiet time when i feel like it Marvelous

this is a fun and intresting game i enjoy it so much and would defintley recommend it it also gives you lots of money so you can skip the puzzle if you are not sure or get some help there is not loads of adverts i certnley recommend Must have

I think it is a great games as me and my mum love to play it. I did run out of gold quite easily however, I'm glad u don't have to pay to get more gold as you can just watch a video. Thanks so much for this game, love it!! Superb!

this game is so cool guys download this guys level ten its so hard but i love it .it so fun Cool

I love this game its really cool but it makes you think abd its kinda like a riddle wich is cool I wish i could give it ten stars Thank You very much Blue Boat Co., Ltd. Love your games a lot Awesome

It think at the end of each round show a picture of what you just spelled? This is really awesome and it helps to get your brain thinking before school. Just wow

I think its a great game but im stuck on level 27 its close to percat its a picture 8f a toy car and another of a cat Enjoy it!

Its a fun game and I know in order to be free there has to be ads but there are way too many still fun though Just wow

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Really good game just installed it Can't wait for the next update Pretty good

I think the game is great but when it says no ads available is a little unpleasant but besides that it is very entertaining great time killer and I enjoy playing it and think that there should have you should be able to enough coins that you can change the backgrounds or create your own puzzle to play with friends Worth it!

This game is very fun and amazing it is so cool but there are to much ADS.I think that a lot more people would play it if there where not so many ADS.But this game is still very fun. Works perfectly

Love the good work keep it up it the best game I ever played in my whole life no it actually sucked bad it was the worst game ever I should rate it 1 Recommend

Really fun and keeps you busy! But... the pictures at not clear at all. For example, the picture was supposed to be a knee but they showed the entire leg. Not bad

"I love this game it helps me remember words that I forget and maybe misspelled words to it very helpful". Highly Recommend.

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