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Would be a 5* if not for the 95mb then 500mb constant download everytime you start the game as it takes so long to download and even when you do it shows a white screen so you need to reboot as the game freezes. Maybe make it easier to earn JW points and game cash too even put ads in instead of relying on p2w like a lot of games devs otherwise very good game :) Superb!

The game is amazing and addictive, however I do have a suggestion to improve on it. I have a rather old phone, so the game runs very slowly for me. Would it be possible to put in a setting to reduce the graphics? Possibly turning some models into 2D sprites instead, remove movement of the decorations like fountains, etc. To make the game run better? Overall though amazing game! Muito bom!

Edit: changing from this initial comment and 1 star to 5 star. "Im sure the game would be good if it allowed you to download update. Keeps getting stuck on 12% saying check internet connection. Tried wifi. Same issue" Support responded quickly and the problem was my own download booster!! Turn the booster off and good to go. Cheers ludia Not bad

It's definitely a addicting game. Bt the issue is that every 15hrs I open the game app, it makes me download a additional file. Just today's day I have downloaded it over 4 times. It's like over 4gb data. I like the game very much. Flawless

This game is very good. Unfortunately this game is always downloading itself when entering the game on my phone. This is very disturbing the players. If this problem can be fixed with as soon as possible.Thanks. Awesome

Simplistic and easy to understand. Feels like there's a pay wall, but it's not too tall. If you like a time waster or something to do on smoke breaks, this is a solid choice. Must have

Me and my friend play the game we are in same level in raptor booster the trade for good cost and and many things but my trade are give less things why?plz fix the problems Pretty good

I really love the game I never got bored from playing this game. but now a days my battle portal is not working properly it takes minimum 10 to 15 min loads the battles and it also taking long time to find an oppenent... pls fix it. Great!

Hey what happened to the reward of the hybrid I was on the dominator league and I just came back after and hour and they asked for an update then when I visited my park again the reward and nothing was there. I must get my reward immediately love it

This is te best game i've ever played and i didn't uninstall it after a month like the other games Pretty good

Love it I've been playing for a long time. Great game if you're a fan of dinosaurs Fabulous!

Having same battle location is kind of boring . I would like to have random battle locations . For example , battle in arena, fighting on ship , fighting near volcano , fight during natural disasters like strom and meteor shower , fighting on desert , snowy peaks , on sea . dino cages have more empty space , adding some trees and plants and some small species birds rats will make the cage really habited. All dinosaurs having similar fighting moves . if the dinos have different moves like indonus Rex , everyone will try to get all dinos. Please change the background music during battle . I would like to see other players fighting like a audience. Betting some resources on other players. I would like to see other player's island . please increase the zooming capacity. Battle stage need more lights. Dinos are looks dull during battle . Perfect

Dinosaurs, theme park monsters and clicking on stuff. Oh yeah you have your own Jurassic park. Go well

This is a great game. The only problem if you plan on spending no cash it will take forever. It is a pay to play game. Also the match making for torments us really bad. I can be using my an ankelodocus and a lv 30 trex and I go against 3 lv 40 commons. Then the next game I'm using level 20 super rates and I get paired against a max trodon, kentrosour and pterodactyl and I'm like "well this is just great" if they could fix that it would really help Fantastic

I spent 50$ on this game, and the horrible randomized picking system, made me get a stegosaurus, at level 24. It's good if you dont spend money on it. Cool

I hate some of it because I was really good and it just restarted me all over. You guys also dont know how to use math so fix that now. Just wow

Great game could have baletter match making in the tournaments, but i have had an issue with the game taking up massive amounts of space on my phone everytime i remove stuff to download an update. Ludia if you could help me with this i would greatly appreciate it. Amazing!

I absolutely love this game!!! It's so addicting, and challenging.! Amazing graphics. The only thing I have some issues with is selecting something I need to look at that. It doesn't let me get to the exhibits easily. I have to tap wuite a few times to get it to work, although, that might just be my phone. I definitely recommend this game!!! Cool

The game itself is amazing. I have lots of fun playing it. The only thing that I would fix are the tournaments, since they are impossible to win unless you put 200 dollars into the game Just wow

It's a great game but I can't keep it. On my device its not SD card compatible. If it was it would be a 5 star game. I'm disappointed as I loved the game. Fantastic

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