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Got to world 3-ice and the game doesn't work on level 20. The cannon moves all overt the screen and only faces on direction. Not bad

I like it. But it kinda sucks that after level 30 the game ends. Still waiting when the coming soon will actually come Works great

I was able to finish everything but is reamain the last one.which says coming soon so am waiting Flawless

خوبه ولی چرا دو ستاره نمیشه در بهترین بازی Perfect!

Fun but not a lot of levels. Level 20 on the ice is tough. Other than that it's ok Fantastic

Good game keeps you going until you get to last level 20 on Ice stage you can't go any further. Next stage just says "coming soon". Lot of advertisements. Go well

It needs more levels, Very addicting... Can't get pass Ice level even after betting level 20... Amazing!

Not only is there to many ads I earned 200 coins by watching more ads I didn't receive any coins??!! Great!

I love ball games but colors, this one is better because the balls are gold initialed and easy to play 5 star

Love the game but when are you adding more levels? I've played Forest and Desert levels several times while waiting for the new level but it doesn't seem to be making an appearance anytime soon. When can we expect the new level, please? Perfect

Take the ads off, so slow to move the balls, love the game but it could be better if you fastest the balls a bit better. Flawless

Average not as exciting as similar games. It's slow paced and the graphics aren't as vivid as in other games. I tried 3 levels then uninstalled. Perfect

بازی خیلی جالب سرگرم‌کننده‌و خوبیه‌پیشنهادمیکنم‌نصبش کنین Worth a go!

I gave it 4 stars but the game is 2 hard to play for its graphics controls and all that Not bad

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