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It is the best app in Kigali and really easy to surf. I love the dedication they have in their work especially the whole team discipline and politeness. Keep up the good work dear Jumia. Perfect!

Apart from the fact that 45min past due its still no free as mentioned the rest is solid and effective Pretty good

Good app but the change over from hellofood could have included a pointer to what app to install instead. I'm sure many gave up trying to find this app. Enjoy it!

Some restaurants do a bad job! From packing to the delivery! I'm 10 minutes away from the restaurants near me ! Food should not be cold! Plus I made a complaint and no one even bothered to give me a feed back of my last order! Great job

Friendly app.....makes the ordering process from different restaurants easier to deal with 5 star

Well designed application and food is easy to order from a wide variety of restaurants. Pretty good

Thy system is showing that my number is too long, please help cz am so hungry and need food right now. Highly Recommend.

Easy to use, lacks a more detailled interface to determine your position, and also different means of payment, but liked it anyway. Worth it!

Its good that i can get food delivered to me but the process to place an order is extremely long. Perfect

Hmmmm... friendly application plus my orders are serviced in time... only thing missing is 24hours delivery Perfect

The app is easy to use and makes ordering meals very simple. Will give a better review when I actually get the meal I just ordered for. Lol Marvelous

Takes a little while for the order to be confirmed depending on the restaurant, but overall really good! Just wow

I love how jumia food always calls to confirm orders. They are efficient and friendly. Thanks for making take out easier Works perfectly

Such a convenient app to have I'm never hungry cuz my favourite meals are one click away Worth it!

0Ditto more payment options, live chat doesn't seem to work. Message was sent but no reply. More restaurants need to be added. E.g. include all the restaurants at the mall not just some cod it's the same location Muito bom!

The riders are usually not conversant with the address. Food is delivered in time. There should be an option for canceling orders. Flawless

The app is annoyingly slow and why does it have to reload every time I return to a previous view.. ☹️I've used this app for years and nothing has been changed to make it faster Good

Really quick at delivery. I am impressed at the rate at which my order was delivered. Making an order is so easy. I will definately keep using jumia food. You guuz are great I just suggest that you make the option of mobile money viscible so that people are not turned away because they dont see it. Brilliant

Honestly I love the app. It's convenient and has almost all restaurants in Entebbe. They just need to improve on a few things. 1. Have the option of cancelling the order before it is accepted by the restaurant. 2. Have contact details incase there is a problem. 3.Have more menu options for the restaurants as some of the food isn't there. Great service so far from the delivery guys and whenever they were unsure of my order Jumia calls me. Thank u. Hope it'll improve in time. Great!

This is a fantastic app. Easy to use and quick delivery from favourite restaurants. Awesome

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