At first I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a rp game but as it turns out, board games are just as fun! JUMANJI is a fun, interactive, and creative spin on Monopoly. Pretty good

It's a good game and everything now it's getting to a point to where I can't enter boot camp because every time I try to start a game it keeps on kicking me out and says matche is already over before the match begins. Superb!

I fell in love with this game. It's fast paste fun and a great game all around. I can't wait for 2v2 to come. Works perfectly

Loved this game but a lack of legendary cards is preventing me from continuing I'm on level 5 and most player I cum across has them so I keep loosing which makes this UN interesting after playing for so long Marvelous

The graphics and setup are ok but it took forever to get through the totorial. I was expecting something more challenging and exciting. For me the game was a big let down. Highly Recommend.

I honestly thought it wasn't going to be good but I was wrong I played 4 hours straight. Just wow

Awesome Game!!!! Loved It Very Much. Plus I even Loved The Movie so I know the Story. Great Time Killer!!!! Really Nice Game. I don't have words to describe the game. Thanks for making this game. The Evolved Version of THE JUMANJI!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have

This game turned out to be more enjoyable than I expected. A new twist to monopoly. Very much recommend giving it a try. 5 star

Love the game but please lower the power of the Scorpion card. If some gets first roll and uses it there's no coming back from it. Far too overpowered Works great

Was realing enjoying this now seems because I haven't paid for anything in a week all dice rolls are going against me. Hope this is not a real programming issue and is only my imagination. 5 star

Should've give it 5 stars but the thing is i cant receive all my reward for completing daily quest and challenges. Works perfectly

I love this game... Different version of Monopoly... It's fun n time consuming... Addicting game to play for hours Awesome

Decent game, easy enough controls to use, some people won't enjoy it but it definitely is worth a try to see! Recommend

Fun game loosely based off the movie..entertaining, just wish it had more upgrades to buy with the cash and gems. Well done!!

Very addicting game! Love it! Downloaded game today and haven't put it down since I downloaded it. Muito bom!

Hey plssss do something for conversation setting or messages it do not show the old conversations or the convo whn i was offline plss do as concern to rate 5 star its a basic need always chats are opened as new as we messaged first in app its disgusting Recommend

عالی هم خود بازی هم فیلمش متشکر از سازندهای فیلم و بازی Must have

Great game nothing to complain about just wish it was longer and 2 v 2 was added Pretty good

Needs an extra or two card use to the deck to use while playing also need a wolf logo for clan cuz I am wolfpack but u don't have a wolf so using an elephant Superb!

Chat menu sucks. Need major improvement in it. Donations need to be rewarded higher. Good

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