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Super addictive Great graphics and awesome gameplay...must download everyone.... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Great job

It is so addicting This game passes so much time for me. You should download this game . I give it 1000 stars 5 star

supersuper super♡♡♡♡ the most most most best ever best game i ever played is this....keep on....☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Highly Recommend.

There is nothing to help get past a level I've been stuck on level 20 for weeks I'm going to wind up deleting it. Fantastic

Very Addictive!! LOVE IT!! Very Addictive and Sooooo Much FUN!!!! A whole lot of FUN!!!! My favorite game now. Good

I love it It is a very good game it keeps me very busy it doesn't really get boring . I really like the game Surprisingly

I really love this game! This game is very frustrating but it involves alot of skill and thinking! Great Game!!! Superb!

Is so amazing and addictive i play it every chance i get. It keeps me occupied on my days off Works great

AWESOME Its such an amazing game its fun and entertaining to play! I rate it more than 5 stars! Muito bom!

 Juice Smash is an awesome game It's just great fun and I love the new special levels for the holidays you more chances to win stuff ! Great!

Fun It's a relaxing game and gets frustrating at higher levels and it's really cute. It has really good graphics and I would recommend this game to anyone that likes challenging games!!! Marvelous

Funnest game ever. This is a game that you can play for hours withount stoping and you can reach tons of levels in ten minutes it is so much fun. Perfect

Loved it. This game will be so adictive that when your fed up with all games, you will reinstall it .I plY it. . more than game ever and I am 68 lots of action And makes u play right thru the. Worth a go!

Addictive I get so lost in the game that I lose track of time! I love competing with my friends. Perfect!

Very addictive First I thought it is not a good game then my friend advised me to play this. And now I play and play and play. Good graphics also. Good work  Surprisingly

Awesome, adorable Play it all the time even tho I'm no good, gameplay is addictive and graphics leave u smiling Cool

Love it The only game that I'm addicted to and that I've been playing for a long time. Challenging but not impossible and no need to spend money. Love it. Just wow

Addictive I love that this game isn't just challenging but creative, fun, and addictive they they should they should make they should make more came like it! Good

Love it Love this game and is one of my top 10 favourite games ( 4 ) and it is addictive as I can't stop playing it 5 star

Its good I like this game. Its both challenging and addictive. And its a great time killer Omg

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