Eternal Linkage v1.0.0 Mod

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One Hit Kill
God Mode

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◇ ◆ Game introduction ◆ ◇ Etalin finally started delivery! 【battle】
In the 3D battle that progresses in real time, besides the simple tap operation skill,
Adopted linkage skill which can be activated when conditions are satisfied with a specific weapon equipped.
Lets advance the war situation favorably with a combination of weapons and units.
By organizing the divine beast into a party, you can receive the status rise effect by the engagement.
If summoned during the battle, various effects that lead the battle to advantage are activated. 【Training】
Lets strengthen characters parameters, skills and abilities in Evol Tree.
Also, you can strengthen equipment once you gather materials.
You can customize it to your liking by prolonging its strengths or compensating for its disadvantages. 【Multiplayer】
It is possible to players and multiplayer nationwide. Collaborate with your colleagues and face powerful enemies.
If you can demonstrate teamwork and activate burst linkage it is a chance of major damage.
Lets get luxurious rewards dedicated to multiplayer. ◇ ◆ Story ◆ ◇
~ Kingdom of Ghania ~
It is the largest continent of the continent boasting 300 years of history.
It is protected by the great king and brave armed forces,
People enjoyed the peace for a long time. But the life appeared in the sky and was released from the magic team
Huge chain suddenly torn.
Chain gouged the whole of Ghania castle from the ground,
It lifted people into the empty space. This unprecedented event will be later called Great Linkage Incident. Then two years.
A single girl descended from the sky before Alex who continues training everyday.
That small encounter will greatly change the fate of this world,
The boy does not know it yet. .. 【Recommended environment】
Android 4.4 or higher 【Disclaimer】
* Operation other than recommended environment will be excluded from support.
Moreover, it may be unstable in the recommended environment depending on the usage situation of the customer. 【Etalins official website】 【Contact Information】
[email protected]


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