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**Updated: Joox fixed the problem within 1 day after I sent a feedback. Thank you Joox! Well deserved 5 stars love it

This is actually a very good app. I have no problems with it. But the most disappointing part is that some of the songs are VIP which I really hate. But other than that it is perfect. I would recommend this app to other people. Fantastic

I would love to give it full star..but since i do have a problem in which all the song that i've download previously need to be re-download again. This happen when i change my phone,but still i use the same account. The song do appear on my favourite list but need to re-download (it takes a long time since i got lots of song).. appreciate if you could fixed on the problem.. Overall other than above issue, i am really pleased & love to use this apps Marvelous

This app used to be great even though there were certain limitations imposed on non-vip users ,but I'm pretty disappointed after the new update that has made it near impossible for free users to simply select a song. I'm sure that the app developers are aware that now as a free user you can't select the song you want in your offline songs even if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This problem is ruining my joox experience and I'm honestly very upset that the update has made the app worse instead of improving it. Listening to music on joox is now a chore instead of fun as it was before the update, but I get that the developers just want free users to switch to VIP. But, is the allure of capitalism more important than user experience on joox? I guess we'll never know :/// Perfect!

Its good,but still got A LOT OF SONGS that have not appear in joox ,,such as in Alan Walker's album, "spectre" song is not there!!! What the heck other music app it have all the song from oldest to latest no matter how simple the JOOX pls be more detail in song adding because lot of songs i wanted to hear does not there ... Soooo frustrating bcus i have to use youtube ..i think thats all you guys NEED to FIX IT ASAP,, i love joox,the rest service was good.... Works perfectly

Used to be a great app for music streaming. It is understandable that song will play in random without vip purchase, but to denying us to fast forward song selection is a little bit extreme. But overall, still good. Just wow

So far so good, the song library perhaps doesn't have all the songs you want but I think it's a good music app. Perhaps JOOX can fix their song library so it can have more songs? ✌ Flawless

Its great for going on trips because the free trial of new users. Sadly if you want to download songs you have to be a VIP. Other than that its Fantastic Surprisingly

why it's always random song and i can't stop fir listen only 1 song befor get vip, it's suck i should can chose song that i want to listen and when i click on song i wanna listen it's always random another songs to me Go well

very good but very slow in updating new k pop songs and for genre k pop incomplete. other than that it do a very very good job Works great

Very well put together and works always! The support gesture to find a song doesn't work, or no body actually responds to them... that's a shame to have it on there but doesn't work - kind of makes Joox look mediocre.. Perfect!

But I think that joox team should give us more free VIP because although u had a lot of joox user, but there is a lot of people cannot afford VIP especially for a student.. And I saw that 12 hours VIP going to expired 30 march and I need u guys to keep it going and never expired.. Plleaaaseee.. Also give us more time VIP like you guys use to give like 24 hours.. It isn't that hard.. Understand us.. Good

so good app... but have a little bit problem with lyrics... some of the music may not have lyric... so fix it okay Amazing!

รบกวนช่วยปรับปรุงนิดนึงหน่อยครับ เปิดเล่นเพลงไปซักพัก มันก็เหมือนเล่นๆ ดับๆ แล้วก็ต้องมากดเล่นใหม่ รบกวนหน่อยนะครับ ถ้าปรับปรุงแล้วจะกลับมาให้ 5 ดาว เหมือนเดิมครับ ^__^ Superb!

It is cheaper than others. Sound quality is not consistent. Songs by many well known artists are missing. There are a number of issues with infringement. Works great

This App is awesome, easy to use, clear sound, song up to date, entertaining...over all I like this App Cool

Great app. I would give 5 stars if I could find all certain songs and albums that I want. Not everything can be found though but really awesome app Well done!!

Good:) love it soo much..unfortunately i gotto to used money to keep the apps on.... Great job

I quiye enjoy this app and its really good but recently ive had probs where i press a song an a different one plays,other than that great app Not bad

Mine was suddenly logged out and i cant log in again. And i already update it. Please fix it! Worth it!

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