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Training backed by test science.. Amazing back breaking muscle building workout. Not for the faint hearted.. Flawless

Great information and workouts to follow but the app now cost money while still not allowing the ability to log workouts. This app used to be free. Not bad

It's SO missing a way to keep track of the weights each week!! How did they missed that!!! It's the only thing missing to be a very good weight training app. Brilliant

Don't do any updates, I lost my progress, plus now all it wants is me to buy a subscription. ... Omg

The app is ok...but you can't track your weights used as you go along. It used to be free and introducing charges without warning was unfair to customers. It is expensive for what it is. I definitely won't be paying for it as it's not reliable. There were times when I couldn't log in. Works perfectly

Finally guys, after the third update in two days, it opens. Thanks allot. Finally I can go on with my training Omg

App not longer crashes, after they started charging for it and updated it 3x times after that ... will raise my review to 5 stars Recommend

Initially loved charging a monthly subscription fee. Back to paper and pencil workout tracking for me. Worth a go!

Was enjoying the program then it updated and out of the blue I can't log in without choosing between either the $89.99/ year subscription option or the $8.99/ month option. This is a bad look for Jym Supplements, was going to start buying them when I needed to restock but now I have a negative feeling toward them. Enjoy it!

Great workout until day 10 keeps prompting me to pay 8.99/mth. Many times it wouldnt let me login then all of a sudden it would. Glitch? 5 star

There is mistake in order in week 2 . Chest is on day 8 but on the list is on the bottom of the week. So I skipped unintentionally chest day and did it on the end of the week. Week 3 first training is chest again. Please correct this. Otherwise great application. Perfect!

Tons of useful info, workouts are well put together. If the app had a built in tracker it would be 5/5. Another suggestion would be to have some sort of calculator so when you put your weights for week 1, it gives you suggested weights to use for week 2 etc etc... overall very happy with the app. wow lol

Great app love it. The weight tracking system seems buggy tho kept going up and down said I weighed 188kg at one stage Great!

One of the best ever workout plan i have been following. If u have tried everything, then trust me, it is worth at least a shot. Visible results within 1week that too without supplements. If u cud afford all the supps n nutrition then no telling ... Don't trust me, go out n try it urself. Not bad

Good app as a companion to the programme. More a guide than an app - would be good if there were work out logging features added to the plans and an interface to myfitness to pull in diet data. Does what it says but COULD be amazing with a few tweaks. Highly Recommend.

Like this app but I wish it allowed you to enter in your data such as the amount of weight you are lifting each week so you can easily track your progress. It keeps saying how important that is but it doesn't have a way for you to do that for each exercise. I have to go old school and use pencil and paper. Also wish it would give alternate workout positions in case you don't have the equipment or are unable to do it. If those were included definitely 5 stars. Flawless

I absolutely love this workout! It has helped me put on 20lbs of muscle. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that has struggled with putting on weight in the past. Worth a go!

I like that it gives you day by day workouts with out all the advertisements and other garbage. Very easy to use! Omg

Really enjoy the workouts! It is a lot better than trying to get the motivation to workout and figure out what workouts to do. I love that he uses his knowledge to create programs that take into consideration the science behind it all. Good

I'm on week two and it is just what I was looking for. My butt is kicked at the end of every training session. Looking forward to seeing my results at the end of the program. Awesome

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