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I dont like it when i puase the game or exit off the game i have to start the puzzle over every thing Superb!

It's fully enjoying game ...but need some more fun by giving time to complete the level Perfect!

Its amazing,incredible and superb just loved the game helps in passing the time Must have

Awesome!. It's like playing it the old way. Plus, it can make a puzzle of my own favorite picture! Recommend

This is by far the best jigsaw. I've played it everyday for months and loved the surprise when everything unlocked. I love taking my own photos and turning them into jigsaws . I haven't had any ads and thats a breath of fresh air. Compliments to whoever created it. Love it well done Not bad

It was great but if u stop before finishing the puzzle it starts you from beginning again even if you have a few pieces left to finish Muito bom!

Awesome game but the fault is only that there are many adds other vise it's just awesome wonderful just we get addicted to it Must have

Great pictures! Different from other games. Makes my brain EXERCISE. Very addicting. Definitely one of my favorites! Thanx for creating an awesome game. Sincerely! Fantastic

I am learning jigsaw and I must getting so great at this jigsaw that I have got an art in jigsaw excellent game love it

I REALLY enjoyed the helps to to relax your you can enjoy the game. Pretty good

This is a great game. I'm going to recommend it to my friends. They're going to just love it. I love the music. Thanks Recommend

The pieces sometimes get a little stuck on the screen when the ads change up. But overall, this app is very addictive. The pictures and graphics are very colorful. Also, you can even turn some of the images from your gallery into a puzzle. I'm enjoying this game. Well done!!

Very nice and relaxing puzzle game. Just got the app and hoping there are more puzzles and levels Good

Cannot save half finished puzzles? I like the puzzles but if I am interrupted and cannot finish I lose the whole thing and have to start over. Very frustrating. If it continues I think I will have to try a different app. Marvelous

Kathy Pepper What am I doing wrong? When I don't have time to finish and have to turn my tablet off or my tablet may shut down, I lose the puzzle and have to start over. Don't you have a SAVE to allow us to finish the puzzle? Flawless

Can't save your position if you come out of the app and have to start from the beginning. Great!

So rixsing. :) I have a lot of bad days. So I go to the app and play it. With the 100 pice . I LOVE IT!!! Great job

It's a good game only played it a few times yet. See how it goes wen I've played a few more. ;) Surprisingly

Love the choice of puzzle pieces so you can decide whether you want an easy or more difficult game. wow lol

overall the game is good. some pictures are dark making it hard to place the pieces as you cannot tell where they really belong you are guessing rather than seeing 5 star

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