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Interesting math and possibilities game. Fun and entertaining. Music leaves a lot to be desired! Maybe the developer could change tunes for each level? Overall very good game. Enjoy it!

Love this game. Always download it every time I get a different device. Keep on going with this one and I will keep enjoying it for sure Great!

There should be an option to go to instructions, on at least every other level... I forgot how to remove some objects, and had no way to understand how... Other than that, my thumb is up! Great job

fun to play only 1 thing I got up to level 465 and it froze up and I had to delete it and start over. I hope they have fixed it Fabulous!

Very nice and with good flow game.Of course nobody likes ads but they are not so many to disturb the game.Keep up the good work ☺ Just wow

So far very interesting and entertaining. Not sure if it will require having to spend money when levels get harder. So far I've downloaded and uninstalled seven match three games because of that issue. If it requires spending money I don't have in order to go further into the game, it too will be uninstalled and I will lower the star rating. Brilliant

Its a standard match 3 game I would have gave it more stars but there's a AD after every round Not bad

Easy and fun to play, addictive! Could use a little more instructions on what special blocks do what. Great game! Worth it!

I like this game. It's very addictive. It's colorful and easy to play. I like the bombs and hammers. Great game to pass the time away. Thanks! Must have

The only problem is it will all of a sudden it will start over to the first puzzle. Muito bom!

This game is highly addictive, fun game to play! I was on level 302 when I was cleaning out some old games and accidentally deleted Jewels Temple Quest! To say the least I was very upset, but I'm back on board, know what to do and am whipping through the levels! I LOVE THIS GAME! Good

Alot of fun...nice mix of challenging games, followed by confidence- building victories. Def a favorite of the MANY games I play! Works great

Great little app whilst commuting, however, like most these days, the ads are repetitive! Same genre! Inspire your market! Fabulous!

Fun and challenging. Love the graphics. Enjoy this game even more than bejeweled. Works perfectly

I love love this game. It is sooo addictive & u dont have to spend money in order to continue... Surprisingly

Its a good simple game thats not overly involved. But there seems to be no reason to keep score nor is there any real reason for the stars you get for each level. You can only buy hammers with gold which you only get TEN pieces per level no matter WHAT you score OR how many stars you get. And theres a lot of ads. Every time you you play a level. Flawless

Is way to, but they need to explain better what each things (color/figure) is very easy but doesn't explain some stuff. Not bad

As many have said, this game is addictive! Special power ups make it even more fun. Great way to pass the time. Well done!!

Adorable match 3. Game play seems fine. Advancing levels without glitches so far. Very addictive, so will submit a better review after some time to play. Don't like the review prompt so early in the game. Not sure yet. Pretty good

I love playing this game and many others. This game is easy but challenging. I do not like real hard games. I am 69 yrs.old and not as quick as I used to be. This game is good for me. Thanks. Cool

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