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Good game however it has some explicit ads (xxx) if kids are playing they will come across these ads unless they paid for an non ad game. Pretty good

I love this game its so much fun and it is challenging who ever made this game thankyou Amazing!

Awsome There is always something to do. It's easy to get rewards and actually win them. I love this game I'm addicted Awesome

Addictive Worked for me on every device and it's an awesome game. A bit addictive thought ☺ 5 star

Jewels Star Jewels Star Very easy to play with this and I loved it so much. Thanks for this game. Surprisingly

Addicted loved it. This game is amazing. So addictive you can hardly put it down. Loved this game so much. Superb!

Cool Nice game for time pass. Some levels r hard but it's interesting to solve them. Perfect!

Jewels Star Jewels Star. I like very much starting when I download it. Thank you that you made it. Well done!!

Addicted This game is so addicted to it and it is a good game to play with parents or friends!!!! Fabulous!

Best game ever! This game is so addictive n fun I love it! Would recommend to everyone. Finally a game worth having! Awesome

Love it that is all I have to say about it.It is a very addicting gameand it changes colors Good

I think that this app was brilliant !!!! It can be very addictive at times but its great fun Pretty good

I love this game I think this is the best game I have ever played. It is unbelievable unreal. Keel up the good work:D Perfect

Love it the best part is you can play it forever because you don't lose life great game thanks Worth it!

This game challenging I love because of its challenging me. Just keep it up. Nice graphic and nice works Amazing!

Love love love My kid is always on my phone because of the game you made I love this app I like playing it too Great!

Very addictive, can't get enough, playing against my spouse. We both play it all the time. Flawless

Jewels Star Jewels Star is one of the absolute most awesome matching apps. I just love this app. Definitely addictive!! Go well

This is the best app I've ever played and plus it's one of the most original and fun games Superb!

Great game Love this game. Easy levels but they keep you intrigued. Its adorable and addicting. Well done!!

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