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I like the original best, I was on level 540 and all of a sudden it just disappeared. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT. Now I have to use these fake games, not at all the same.. Go well

I'm hooked, and I just started playing today. Definitely one I'll be playing for awhile. Fabulous!

The only reason I put five stars is because I can't put more. I find absolutely zero problems Works perfectly

I have a habit of downloading and deleting games everyday. This is the only game that has a permanent spot on my phone. Love this game Pretty good

Love this game! I've been playing it for months and haven't gotten tired of it yet. Brilliant

I just started like 2 days ago but it's really addictive I haven't had any problems so far so a 5 star it is ?? Perfect!

addictive game..! [playing it from too many time and still enjoying..! recommended to everybody.. Enjoy it!

Jewel quest is v nice game....i like this game..good work done by developer..... love it

One of the classics that will never get old, keeps me busy for hours. Great game, highly recommend! Muito bom!

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