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Keeps your brain and eyes searching for sets.I love it I pass time at work playing. Worth a go!

I think there should be more ability to finish the games without needing to add money to the game that most people cannot afford to add to along with their monthly bills Perfect

A great game to while away the time, although I'm still getting used to all the moves etc to win or complete the level. Works great

Great game. I really enjoy the pace and different quests, however I think the difficulty jumps way to much.; I can breeze through a level and then on the next stage I'll be stuck grinding for days. I would love it if you could tweak it just a little. Just wow

I love to play this game just to take away my time. It can be addictive though. I love it. Very awesome Cool

Awesome game just to kill a bit of time ...but be I said that two hours ago can't stop playing Good

Great game!! Fairly complicated patterns allow you to keep moving through the levels. wow lol

its seems 2 me that one minite u can clear a level.but the next time its so easy..fixed a bit me thinks9 love it

I think that you interfere too much. I never really won a game. You did. Why can't I just enjoy playing the game. I am good but you keep taking over telling me what to do and then you do it. I am disgusted when you say that I won. Actually you won. That is an example of rotten computer programming and poor customer relations. Nancy Ena Randall 79 years old and fairly experienced with electric games. This one is the pits. Actually most seen today are the same. TOO MUCH INTERFERENCE! NANCY Not bad

It's a fun matching game. I like that you can turn the gem prompters (answers) off. It makes it more of a thinking game. Not many matching games have that feature. Also, bonus rounds: you don't have to win all levels with 1 life.Thanks. m.e.k. Fantastic

Really was surprised for all the help i got liked the short tutorial shorts at the beginning of each level instead of playing a whole seperate set of game levels like ive had to endure from some other bubble ,or jewel shooter and also i. Liked. It. Alot lmao wow lol

It's a fun matching game. I like that you can turn the gem prompters off. It makes it more of a thinking game. Not many matching games have that feature. Thanks. Recommend

I think the ok but it's keep on logging me out when I'm playing and that gets on my nerves Go well

Sometimes it's nice but most of the times it is irritating and isn't user friendly Pretty good

Fun game! Action when I slide the colors to match 3 shapes and colors is spot on. Will recommend to friends and family alike. Pretty good

It is a very addicting game I love this game helps pass the time and is challenging Perfect!

Love the game. A lot of ads when not playing offline,but a lot of oppurtunity to earn bonuses,so it evens out. Flawless

i have already passed all the 530 levels, when are you guys going to update new levels? cant wait to play it again Awesome

The 5 level jewel quests are way too hard! I've watched hundreds of ads on this thing, make it rain! Please!! Just wow

It takes too long waiting for new levels *sigh. i have done all 530 regular levels and bonus levels 1 month ago and still no update from this game yet Worth a go!

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