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Creative I love this game because of the bright shiny creative colors it has and it just awsome. Must have

Cute App It's a great app. It occupy me and my children. It's cute, fun, and addictive! Works great

Very addicting. I can play and still watch TV. The only complaint I have is when it says I have no more moves. Several times I'm sure I did but the screen clears so fast it's to hard to tell. Go well

I think that the would be an awesome game for someone who has played it and liked it before and who ever likes puzzle games Highly Recommend.

Chasity Love this game... Never crashed yet, doesn't drain my battery and highly entertaining. Well done!!

Awesome Game!!! I really enjoy this game alot.I enjoy the music goes well with the game.Great to play while relaxing. wow lol

I love it It is a very good game it keeps me very busy it doesn't really get boring . I really like the game Well done!!

Awesome & Addictive It's a great distraction, though it's addictive aswell. However I found it greatly enjoyable :) Worth a go!

I enjoy playing these games . It keeps my mind working and this is how I unwind from a hectic day Enjoy it!

I love this game I love this game so much that when I showed my big sister she wouldn't give me back my phone. Perfect!

GREAT!!! I truly love playing this game, it can be very addictive. And the best part I like about it. You don't have to wait for lifes. Awesome!!!! Surprisingly

Great game Pleasant interface, simple- covers both timed modes and free play mode. Recommended!! Works perfectly

So addictive I absolutely love it great for killing time but be careful because when you start you can't put it down Perfect!

I love this game This game is very fun and it is my mum's favorites game she plays it all the time just like me Well done!!

Nice Additcion!!! Best Game of this kind I loved it. Nice,I cant get enough of it, Best Game- so many interesting stages to pass . . . Good Job Not bad

Addictive Awesome little game. I like it cause it doesn't seem like it's made for 10 year old girls. Its a matching game for guys Worth a go!

mind challenging I really love this game its challenges the mind I like that welcome to jewels awesome game Perfect

L-O-V-E (love it) I love this game it's really fun and keeps me busy and it hasn't messed up yet!!! :) Surprisingly

It's great game, it is a challenge to play. I like it better than Bejeweled because you are not on a time limit Fantastic

Love this game. This is my favorite stress relief game. Everyone in my family likes this game as well. Omg

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