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Stuck Cannot get past level 123. Achieving a higher score than goal each time. Game will not proceed. Will have to uninstall if not fixed. No sense in playing a game you can't advance in. Will change rating when fixed. Other than this issue, the game is fun. Has great response time. Great!

I want the original version back. Don't like the new update. How do i get the unupdated version tht i was playing a few days ago? Go well

Jewels Blitz HD Love this game. Arcade version, beating your own highest score is challenging and addictive! Not bad

Good game Good graphics, fast respond time, game gets hard as hell to play after a certain amount of time, challenging for sure. I would highly recommend

Achievements stuck? Fun game to play but no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to register my achievements for completing the levels: I have all the other ones, including 7 jewels at a time, I'm many many levels ahead of level one, with all but one of them three starred, yet I don't even have achievement "junior complete 1 level"... Did I miss something?

Fun I love jewel games. It's usually hard to find a good one outside of the Bejeweled series, but this one is very good. It's simple but addictive. Being able to move while matches are happening is always a plus. Nice job.

Great game. It's. A keeper I'm really glad I gave this game a go. If you need to fill some time this does the job nicely

Brain game I like games like these, to get the most points you have to pick quick and think big

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