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Lots of fun! Fun game, really enjoy trying to complete the levels, and working toward the goals! Recommend this game to anyone! Superb!

Great game! I have this game on Steam and it's a lot of fun, I'm psyched to have it for my phone! Perfect!

Fun Love the animation and the game. Wish it was longer because I loved playing it. Fabulous!

Like fruit ninja but fun Yep, this is the first swipe and slash game that I've enjoyed. Highly recommendable. It's not just swipe like crazy. You have to decide the best swipe so you're fast but don't miss logs. You also want to do combos and straight shots, and avoid hurting animals. :) Worth it!

Stylish fun This game has a lot to offer, fun gameplay, fun story and great style. For 2.99 it's a bargain. Omg

Good This is actually a really fun well done game. It it's pretty unique too Worth it!

Brilliant My favorite phone game of all time. Fun, silly, and challenging. Surprisingly

Great game Ive played this on an iPhone, iPad and an HTC One. It is perfect on the HTC one but I feel that might just be because I find the iPhone screen too small. Definitely pick up this game, it's tons of fun! Not bad

Good but buggy I have two MyTouch 4G phones. On both devices, when I try the cupboard to upgrade, it locks my handset to the extent that I have to pull the battery. It's a shame because otherwise I love the game. If this bug can't be corrected, I would like a refund. Flawless

Original & Super Fun! 5 Star App! This will no doubt be one of the most downloaded & Top Rated games on the Play Store. Good job guys! :) Pretty good

New favorite. Beat it in 2 hrs. Once you start you can't stop. I just wish they would've made the final rounds more challenging. Other then that it's very fun. Perfect

Awesome game Fun, original and well designed. No ads either. Bravo! love it

Awesome game I was at first suspicious of the price tag, but it is well worth it. Very fun game play and fun art style Highly Recommend.

Fun Slow-"Mo Slashing Logs" Time! But... Currently v1.5.4 locks my (HTC Desire S) smartphone up completely when (in between levels and suggested by the "rescued" first animal) I tap my screen and try to open the (3 items in there?) cupboard. I have to pull my battery out and restart the phone in order for my mobile to work again. More stars if/when this bug is fixed! Well done!!

Good stuff Addictive as can be, insanely clever. Highly recommended to all. Good

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