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Love the game buy honestly I stopped playing for a few months because the clothes are way too high to purchase and the money for completing the task isnt enough to try and buy the clothes. I think the higher level you are the more money you should get for completing tasks. Just wow

It is an almost perfect game! It is like choices but totally kid friendly. There is only two things I don't like, one is you run out of energy to quickly and two is that it takes forever for new locations to open up. If these are fixed it will be five stars all around. Great!

In the begining I really love this game, unfortunately at level 19-20 the mission always repeat when zoe ask me to do some freelance work which is focusing on fashion or music. I had chosen both either fashion or music, but it seem the mission stop playing and i'm getting bored. Please fix it.. Good



Highly Recommend.

This is such a perfect game I was lookin' for!! So far... No ads are popping up. Nice graphics! Nice dresses and other mall products!! Just like real things in real life. It's like the online game... Lady Popular. Works perfectly

Great job



I love this game.. Good graphic and all.. But the game keep telling me to to upgrade my game version but theres no update on google play !! And what with the crashing ? The game keep getting stuck i have to restart the game everytime its stuck... Overall good game... Pretty good

Worth a go!

I really like this game but when I log on daily it restarts and says it's day 1 again and it always gets rid of my diamonds so I'm stuck because I have one task to do and can't do it without money or diamonds. In which case I have none of either of those things. Amazing!

Go well

This game is great, I like it. The story is fun, the graphics are great, but there are two things that need to be fixed: there are way two many adds and I sometimes have to repeat missions. Sometimes I have to wait the double of time to complete a mission because it shows up as new. If the repetition of missions is fixed, this game would be great. Worth a go!

Go well

TOO MANY ADS! Every other thing you do another ad pops up! And its difficult to actually get money, unless you pay real money. And once you run out of energy, it takes forever for it to recharge. Otherwise I do like the game itself. Flawless


Its fun and the graphics are cute. There are a lot of clothes that cost gems but I have yet to encounter any locations you have to pay for. The adds dont really bother me as Id prefer a few 5 second adds to everything costing money. Not bad

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