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It is such an awesome game. Easy to follow and fills in time. I totally recommend it to all. Brilliant

Is a great game. Only issue is after update it only loads till 12% and then it restarts saying connection error wow lol

Enjoying it so far. Though tempted to spend real money to speed things up a lot of the time. Great!

It really need a better story, kids do t think in the way stories are writen, change your dialogue director. Recommend

I love the game, but are frustrated by the festivals, esp the gem ones. Also 8 minutes is too long to wait to generate new lives. Other games usually have 3-5 minutes for regeneration. Works great

The game is somewhat fun, but it takes to much effort to complete tasks. The events are fun, but there is never enough resources to complete them. To regenerate the resources for the events takes way too much time, unless you want to continually spend money. There should be less time for refilling your resources. Worth a go!

I don't like the way the game takes time to generate money and all we need to work on is with money. As well as we get many tasks and quests to do. And all we need is money and money generating is so slow Awesome

Fun game just requires a lot of waiting if you want to play for free. Not sure about all of the side missions. Highly Recommend.

Love this game. Only downside is if you wish to complete certain quests, especially those on a time limit, you might want to spend money in order to complete them. Unless you have time on your hand to religiously play the game and don't have a job or university to attend to. Amazing!

The game is addictive but don't like the way you have to keep going back to items you have already put a bunch other resources into only to find you need to put in a load more the cannon being a perfect example Enjoy it!

Too many long pauses between getting needed game items, like 12- 16 hrs, need to shorten times. Keeps more people engaged if it's shorter. Fantastic

It takes way too long to do stuff in this game. And don't even bother clearing obstacles off the island because new more complicated ones will just reappear. Plus you barely have time to complete the other islands quest. Perfect

The ads that pop up to buy buy buy have no x to get rid of them for atleast a few seconds. Other then that the game keeps me busy Perfect!

Another time killer. I only play sporadically, though, so it's frustrating for many tasks to require so much time. Start playing and within a few minutes, I've started everyone on tasks that may require anywhere from two minutes to two hours. "Now what do I do?" More enjoyable to have a game I can get involved in for a longer block of time. But this game has it's own challenges and it's pleasing to finally see your little camp cleaned up and growing. Awesome

The game is alright, but it really needs at least a 4th character to give a hand, and that means paying for it. I only paid £0.89, wouldn't have accepted anything more expensive. After two weeks the game starts becoming repetitive anyway, and the walking in the islands is SUPER boring. The lack of choices makes it boring too, the game should be more of an RPG like The Walking Dead by Telltale when exploring the islands. Amazing!

3 workers is doing my head in... let me have more! Otherwise, brain dead game for killing time... its a winner Well done!!

If you like story games that take awhile, this is for u. My only complaint, u CANT finish an extra island adventure unless u buy stuff. Not enough hours to let your resources build back up. Would have liked to earn the extra buildings, workers, animals, etc Amazing!

They need to decide what game this really is. Is it about completing quests for a story? Is it about these side events? What's with the five billion different currencies? It's hard to understand how it all fits together. Pretty good

It's OK, it's NOT what the Facebook ad showed it to be. It is NOT a brain teaser type game... But a story quest game. Still a good game, just a shame it was falsely advertised. I'd seen the advert a few times but scrolled past... If I'd have realised what the game actually was I probably would have downloaded It sooner. I do enjoy it. The time it takes for money and certain things can be boring though. Works perfectly

Got hooked.. should have the animals work too like catching rodents, snakes and crabs. Only problem is after reviewing. It still ask me to review..... Hmmm Marvelous

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