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So overall, I have read all 11 Chapters and I have to say this story line had me hook from beginning to end. It has beautiful artwork, overall well choices to decide between and there's never really a dull moment in this story. Now for the issues such as making your main character so vulnerable instead of exploring herself more, somethings were not really tapped into as much, such as the animals and the basement and of course the energy... I spent a lot of money on this game and for most people that kills the game for them. Overall I loved the story. Superb!

At first i wasnt in to these games..but after playing this i found out that this is so interesting...hope u make more mini games so tht we can win more energies. .its really hard to wait till the next day to read the other half!! Cool

The store is interesting but too much event happening in there. no rest in your mind. If you play this game put a side a good amount of money to read the story. Because opening the secret scenes and having more energy recuaired money. As you can see from other reviews you have 300 energy every day which is not enough at all. An other thing is that if you loose a line of story ,so too bad . You can not go back and reread previous lines you missed. Most of the options are look like each others. In some point I didn't want to choose any of them . The character change behavior so much and so fast. It is like there is no brain in there. At the end I found Nicolae is interesting. It would be interesting to see his is it love ? Nicolae soon. But please be more realist about character personality. If she is thought full and understanding with curiosity and staborn so keep it that way. The dramatic change in the main character personality is not helping to make the story better . It make it more harder to finish the story. It is Amazing!

Same as the other reviews. Good story and graphics but the so little energy build in such a long period of time is ridiculous. I read quick and 300 plus whatever I get in extra just isn't enough and honestly not worth having on my phone. Will be uninstalling, which is unfortunate as I enjoyed this app. 5 star

Everything about this game is great! A brilliant storyline and engaging characters! So addicted however the only fault to give this game is the energy..its so poor, forget what you read the previous day because its such short sentences to read and theres 11 chapters!! Going to take too long to complete, such a shame because its a game I really connected with, love it but not being to able freely is disappointing. Muito bom!

Love this game!!!! Although the fact that we get 300 energies daily and use up 10 for every click is pretty annoying. Please fix this make it use up 2 for every click or something. Or Give us 300 every 2 or 3 hours. Thank you! Besides that its an amazing game. Thats the whole reason i still havent deleted it yet. :) Works perfectly

I like the story line so far and I don't have a problem waiting for energy. Most games I play have either a set number of tickets a day or their tickets replenish every 4 or 5 hours. What is frustrating is that I can never get the special scene illustrations no matter what choices I pick. Perfect

Great story, but the energy per day is TERRIBLE. Just when you get to a good part you run out of energy. Other story games like this aren't that way, you can play as much as you want but have to spend "coins" to make certain big decisions. They really should change the way their energy works bc right now it pretty much sucks. Well done!!

This game is good but you run out of energy too quick. Although the story is good I'm deleting this game. It's not worth the hassle of trying to obtain energy. If I watch a video to obtain energy it only gives 20 to 30 after 2-3 clicks you have used up your energy. After that you have to wait hours for a video to be available to get energy or wait a day or two. There's also a mini card game but it's the same as watching a video. The other option is to pay for energy. Not going to do seeing how fast you run out. If it wasn't for this I would keep the game. Waiting for energy makes you forget about the game. Muito bom!

Wish there was more energy or like an easier way to get more energy. I get 450 energy for the day with the initial 300 and playing the mini game which gives 100 and watching the adds which is 50. But it's not enough I feel like I only get about a couple sentences in and then I run out. Maybe if you could play the mini game every hour or two to get the 100 energy and watch the ads around the same time to get 150 instead of waiting 24 hrs it would be better. The story progresses too slowly with that little amount. Amazing!

Would of given 5 stars if it wasnt for the 300 energies as it doesnt go very far, would be better if it refilled twice a day instead of once. Why do you have to spend money on special scenes they should be unlocked if you picked the right choices not pay for them. Apart from that love the story and the graphics are great if these issues could be sorted that would be great Not bad

Without paying ridiculous amounts of money, you can't play for more then 3-5 minutes a day. Frustrating as hell. The story is good, but honestly... I can pay the same that I spent on the first chapter, for a good book on audible that lasts for hours, if not days. Flawless

The story seems great, but how the energy works is ridiculous. I already spent money to get 10,000 for energy and I didn't even make it to the 2nd chapter. I don't want to spend more for it to just go so fast. It needs to be set up differently. I'm thinking of deleting this one and finding something else even though it is interesting. 24 hour wait for 300 energies tho... Brilliant

The only thing I have a problem with is how slow you have to go thru the story if your not willing to pay for energy. I get it, it encourages you to spend that money... Don't mean I like it Muito bom!

The game has me hooked. I'm big on reading so I fly through the 300 energies. I've spent $10 repeatedly, even $20 for energy and it feels like it was gone in the same amount of time as the 300 energies. If you allowed maybe 4 refills a day, it would be amazing, or some other way, maybe to just keep playing the minigame. There has to be something more other than 20 energies for a video once a day. But despite the lack of energy, this game has me so disgustingly hooked. I love it so much. Enjoy it!

I love the concept and the artwork. However, I'm quickly losing interest because of how slowly the story progresses. I wait 24 hours to get 300 energy, play the mini game, and watch the ads. This means I get 450 energy each day. Today for all of that, I got maybe 100 words, all about twisted dolls and dresses.. As for the main character there has been one hint of action from him but mostly stoney silence and short one liners and I've been playing for a week now. Please consider either changing the way energy works or advancing the plot at a quicker pace. Personally, if it does pick up in another week, I will probably stop playing this one. Pretty good

Would be more fun if energy went further then less than a paragraph in a real book. I know my self and I'm going to get bored and just uninstall it. This is really a pay to read. Which honestly not many people are going to do... I would 1 star but the story line actual sounds pretty good. Should give people at least 5 pages worth of dialog a day of a Normal book length. Or 20 to 30 pages of a comic. Better yet. You could get money for advertisements.. could do watch a advertisement every 10 taps or watch a advertisement for free 10 points endlessly ... the more ads peoole watch the more money you make right? Gives the consumer what they want and what you want wow lol

The graphics are great, I love the story line, but seriously. Add more energy. There isn't enough energy at anytime to progress alot, or like atleast make it so we can earn more energy. Because it's frustrating Recommend

Great game and amazing grapics. Would have got 5 but not enough energy. I play for like 2mins per day then have to wait til the next day for more energies. Its very annoying. Really want to see where the story goes but dont know if im patient enough. Marvelous

Haven't finished yet. The amount of energy makes no sense. With the 20 you get with the video it's 10 per page... but with the 300 it's gone almost just as quick. Works perfectly

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