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This game deserves way more appreciation for how well done it is. Let's just say it's practically the best tank game I've played since Tankie online was out. 5 Star app :D Highly Recommend.

Good game. The only problem is that you should not be matched with higher level bots than the real players that you play against. For example a slayer should not be matched with bots like crusher or dyrox or nibula. These bots are too powerful for a slayer. Please fix this. Muito bom!

This is an awesome tank game, extremely addictive and competitive. I wish the stages would stay open all the time, but other than that a phenomenally designed game! And to top it off for me, you can play it on a cell, tablet, or laptop. Doesn't get any better than this...... Highly Recommend.

Raise the silver percent. Weaken bots. Improve game play Have a regular better sales Either way your game is amazing. love it

Aiming is difficult and not accurate. Takes wayyy to long to upgrade unless you spend money... Aka don't let your kids play if your CC info is on here. $100 gone in less than an hour.... Great job

Lots of cool skins and smooth in-game running! This is a must-download! Thanks for the tank game!!!! Not bad

I love this game please add map to know where our team member and enemy please add this first and I will recommend to all my friends to play this game Marvelous

I like the game but I wish there were better controls other than that it's a good game Just wow

Great! Absolutely wonderful. If you have played the British game Tanki Online on your computer than well this is pretty much that. The one thing that pisses me off the most though is when you spend an entire round trying to kill some one and you finally do but someone else was closer to the drop box than you and goes and picks it up instead of you. Please, please, please make it so you can only pick up a drop box from someone you killed yourself and not other people. 5 star

I'm in the car and there's low WIFI so with the low WIFI if I play on a map and the map stops working bummer :( :( Flawless

Pretty good game. I've been playing it on and off for a couple of years now. I do think that the zoom button and the tank control button are too close together. The graphics are good. I wish you got more money and gold then is given. But oh well. At least you don't have to pay to play. That is what's really important. Overall it's really fun to play and I recommend it for everyone. It's addicting. A good time killer. And it's challenging. You play with people from all over the world. No A.I. Good job on a good game. Muito bom!

This game was great, but now it is a BAD game, do not spend money on it, they are not worth the time to play, I have played for over 3 years and now I was banned for no reason, they get your money and when you stop spending you get no answer to your questions. Fabulous!

The gamplay is good but the system for getting cash is pretty cheap... I get it, you need to make cash and all. Great!

Mad mad could be better the server need to be fix Really can't log in And can't get access to fb I like the game but u need to get mi back my account Surprisingly

A very,very super app.One of the best .Addicting,challenging,thanks Perfect

Love it also its now lagging everyone and kicking them off when playing please fix that Superb!

4 stars but it would be better if the player was able to challenge their friends online Fantastic

This is the tank game that everyone has been searching for. It is full of action and skilled player. This game is deffinilly the best tank game. Enjoy it!

Good fun.....I like blowing other guys tanks up...its a good fun tank game!!!!!! Pretty good

Still love this game but, getting support can be a problem. There should be a simpler way to reach someone. Enjoy it!

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