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Oh I like it but it lags to much so I suggest that youngish don't get it,oh yah and it makes my tablet shut down alot Cool

Fun Pvp Tanks Dev please help. Accidentally bumped my SCREEN-OFF button. Kicked me out of the match. Please create a way to hold my place in the match instead of automatically giving me DID NOT FINISH status. Happened a few times. :P love it

Good Game But... I like this game a lot and played it since it had its old design and spent a lot of purchases on it though my App Data was reset and I was back to Level One. Please Help Go well

Awesome game What would make it better is a radar to make finding different power ups easier. Also a way to see who's in a sceniario before entering. UPDATE: The new "hiding places" in Perron are awesome. Would love to see more of them. Maybe invisible when hanging upside down? UPDATE: It would be nice if you put change information when you release a new update. So we know what has changed. Works perfectly

MOOSE Lost my tank and all my gold it reverted me back to the beginning paid money to by gold and up grade my tank. I STILL HAVE TO PAY THE MONEY TO MY CREDIT CARD. WHAT A RIP OFF. THE GAME ITSELF WAS GREAT UNTILL THIS HAPPENED. Recommend

its great only one problem ther ar some people ho lag a lot but i dont lag but this game is great only people ho ar laging plz upgrade your wifi or boy a telefon Good

Wiped away I made it up to level 19 and their latest update wiped away my account and started me back to level one. Extreme developers won't answer my email to fix it. Frustrated!! Brilliant

Fun so far Keeps dropping me from the server. Kinda annoying hope this problem is addressed at some point. Awesome

Decent game but... You guys have something, but it needs better looking tanks. Game play is awesome though! Flawless

Decent game but... You guys have something, but it's missing team battles, better looking tanks, and depth. Game play is awesome though! Should really give this game more depth. Once you have clans people will spend more money to upgrade. Don't know why you haven't done this. Tossing money out the window.

Meh It cool. It needs a campaign mode and multiplayer should be the only reason for fuel loss.

**Heart racing ** Never have I played a tablet game that made me feel this intensely excited to play the next round! Game on!...Please bring back the old gravity where the smaller tanks could drive over the larger . its their only defence

Good game If you like tanks and like playing online then this game is for you. A strategy and a sci-fi game. Its a good game

AWESOME! !! This game is really good but I think thier should be team battles (im not meaning it bad or anything )

Addicting you know you want to You like tanks and upgrades must play will work for mod's still waiting for other taker's

This game isnt hard enough. This game is good for ppl who are not good at games but.Its to simple for ppl who are good.I think in the next update there should be 2 more maps,Tank prices go up,armour of tanks and damage go lower.the graphics and camoflage need to be silver and camoflage and graphics Attack goes lower and the game is extremely glitchy at times.If you have the same tank as the other 1 ur fighting is bad cause whoever shoots first wins.So in the next update it needs a better improvment.

Ben This is a great game. Good balance for those who want to spend no money to very little.

Pretty good.... One thing that is a must. Wait. Two things. I want to be able to go faster. And I want the paints for your tank to stay for as long as you want them. It's just stupid to buy the paints. I will give five stars if you give us these, and for a few other improvements.

Couldn't be better Its the best game ever if you really love tank games try tanki online a free mmo game. Recommend to take Iron Tanks APK

Its awesome. The graphics are marvellous Mind blowing game but needs internet. The draw back of this game is it needs internet. If there is no need of internet connection the popularity of this game would be more

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