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LOVE THIS GAME i have been playing this game every day for about 9 months gets better and better AMAZING Great job

Everything sorted very quickly, thanks. Really good game but with the latest update I cannot log into my profile and it keeps making a new profile with the same nick name. Got sorted, very good help. Marvelous

Iron Tanks I have played the game for months.Spent money and upon upgrade lost everything.I thought maybe my fault.Same thing a couple of days ago.I have spent over$200 money on your game and everything is gone.I had upgraded to second inCanada and I write you an e-mail and you send it back.Are you rip offs or will you answer my requests for my tanks. Worth a go!

Iron Tanks Really like the game,, it's very FUN,, ,had some issues in the beginning, but game maker has fixed,, and I'm very pleased with the results, the only issue I have now is the costs of the upgrades, graphics ,and como, and they have gone up extremely high,, hopefully the game maker will come up with a way to off set these increasing prices, with higher rewards this is the only reason for not receiving 5 stars,,, keep improving, I'm looking forward to more improvements... Great!

CHAT ROOM ERROR Hi admin ur chat room error cant typer proper. When type "THERE" its auto change to T***E and also some other words too. Pls correct it. And we had open our own group chat room in my Malaysian Country, alot members complaints that they not confident to spend money on this Iron tank untill its stable enough. Few members account cant access at all. Some members his lvl max tank missing. And some cant lvl up Honor points. Well done!!

Loved it Iron Tanks for Downloading bye Thank You for downloading my Game Iron Tanks bye bye! Thank us for me by loved it Cool

Iron Tanks Great game .Could complain about prices and waits but it's the fun factor that overcomes that and brings you back Must have

Iron tanks Its an awsome tank game but its sortve unfair cause the best way to survive is to get graphics but they cost a lot and run out fast cause when you're not playing it's still counting the time Works perfectly

I have a proposal Who stay more than a day to be rewarded with gold or silver at each level to add an extra feeding tank, you never have to earn free gold and silver as it is at hi5 Perfect

Good Game But... I like this game a lot and played it since it had its old design and spent a lot of purchases on it though my App Data was reset and I was back to Level One. Please Help... I sent an E-Mail stating the fact and some information and it's been a month and I have not got a reply yet. Not bad

Becomes unfair Alright this game is fun until u get to lvl 7 because this is where u will encounter bigger tanks like the Crux and Caelum. You will find it difficult surviving without using a Nixide at this point... And pls rework the Crux because it doesn't look too great compared to the rest of the tanks Superb!

Seriously? Why can't you guys just set up the game so that when a player logs into an email account all their data is there and ready to play where they left off? I just had to reset my tablet after you helped me last night ... But to compensate me every time something screws up still does not account for loss of levels. I was at Level 6 before this all started. Even tho you credited me a lot, I still have to start over at Level 1 ... I cannot keep going thru this. Fix your game and make it function properly! Go well

Better game experience. Good game good graphics. Wish there was a way to lock in some of the paid upgrades vs them being temporary. Awesome

It's cool For an old phone like mine it runs a bit smoothly, sometimes lags, and when I exit the game my phone is in reboot stage but I love the gameplay and the tank's. I really suggest everyone to get this game on a new/latest phone for performance gaming... Muito bom!

sorry to devs i got my tanks back that i purchased so i have to say thanks to the devs i thought that they didnt care,i can say that they do care about there customers,if anyone lost there tanks reload the game you might have them back. thanks :-) Works perfectly

I love this game It's so fun I like that I can do a state Competition good game five stars for the haters out the Suk my a hole Great job

OK.. Lags, controls are a bit tricky and may take u ages to get a next tank but cool... Muito bom!

Awesome I love this game it's totally awesome and fun you should download this awesome game Highly Recommend.

Well thought out well played game CoolWell thought out well design game very playable lots of great graphics unbelievable tanks and extremely entertaining Brilliant

Like The Game, Needs More Players The game is OK but would be more fun if there were more players. Also new players say at Level 3 are thrown in with much higher level players regularly such as level 30. Surprisingly

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