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Iron Tanks. Although the upgrades cost more and leveling up takes longer, the the game is fun and challenging. I hope the server connections become more reliable. love it

Cool Just found out bout this game, and man! It's great! I love the tanks and everything! Cool

Great game Fantastic game only gripes are keeps freezing and the instructions to join a team are in Russian pls give option to change the language thanks Well done!!

Perfect game This game is so good no loging,crashing,and no mistake i really like the game . Keep up the good work Amazing!

One problem I don't like how you get a limited amount of battles at a time. It limits the amount of fun you can have. Otherwise it's a five star game! Enjoy it!

Charge fuel facebook Fuel loading does not work and is no longer say to write mail are almost three weeks since I wrote and did not fix the problem Pretty good

Lost all silver Lost over five million in silver never got it back. Great job . Way to ruin a game Omg

Really nice Really nice game and ive played alot of tank games but you have to have turret sensivity ajustments other than that it has alot of potential good work guys Well done!!

cheating hackers don't spend a dime the same two dirty filth bag mexican cheaters get banned everyday but come right back because the games developers do nothing to stop it.sad because it's a awsome game. they will tell me to write a email as a response to the problem but i already do it 3 times a week. DON'T SPEND MONEY TILL IT'S FIXED. IF THEY CAN HACK GAME THEY CAN HACK YOUR DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS Works perfectly

Iron tanks I wish you could give more incentives for being in first, second and third places. I do love this game and the players would appreciate this too. Awesome

Gods game BUT The game itself is not bad but whenever I play a round and its finished, it logs me out, but the game is awesome Flawless

Was an awesome game Actually it still is. But the problem is now that I only have time to play once a week or do. The Camouflage & Graphics upgrades only hours or days. The upgrades I used the most (50-70%) are all 3 day upgrades. So I waste most of the usefulness. So I've stopped playing & spending money on this game. If they were offered as "uses" as well as timed. I would gladly start playing & paying again. Because I really do like the game. Fantastic

Hi i havent got my carniflex. Hi can i plz have my carniflex back or 2,100k gold back in less than a week plz i need it bad, ........1 week later....... Hi can i have my carniflex Plz!! Ive been going mad my name on iron tanks is xXBeastonatorX, and i have a question Do u get a temporary tank if u get vip Fabulous!

Game is fine But i want some more tanks also. Also i want more types of ammo. Also make controls more smoother Amazing!

Amazing game! This is one of the best tank games ever!Love the graphics!The maps are fun!The game ROCKS!And I even have an idea.If you could make the blast on different cannons different.Please consider this idea in the next update. Go well

It ok I don't like how the mony is. it is so much money for the tanks and you get so little. for me I give it a three star intell the maker's lower the price 5 star

GREAT I Give You 5 Stars For This Game But I Have A Problem I Want You To FIX IT. Its About Game This Game Are Slow Can You Fix It? Cool

Great Overall game a couple of are you sures" on purchases that involve gold would be a great addition Perfect

Very awesome but missing? If I destroyed the player tank. I can't see the debris but its awesomely battle thanks. Just wow

Ya gotta earn it... Very addictive right from the start. No parity consideration though. Newbies, like myself right now, are ruthlessly set upon by experienced players with advanced equipment. Death comes quickly, but that will only make eventual victory that much sweeter. Update: Have had a few instances where all progress was lost. Tech support came through and got it done. All is good. This is a GREAT game. Thanks guys:) Works great

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