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Game has greatly improved The game with the latest update has improved. It's almost back to where it was when I started, 9 months ago. It's a very fun and addicting game to play. Download it, play it. Wait till you're level 5 or higher before you decide. Highly Recommend.

Good and Bad When I play it gets very slow and glitches.But it is still fun because it is esay to control Brilliant

Game ratings This game is quite nice the graphics and one part fuj is your tank won't overflip and can go on walls . I loved that part the most!!!! Works perfectly

Recomend this game Love this game. Like that you know where the other players are from. Very fun.Eazy to upgrade your tank! I recomend this game. wow lol

Rice burner At the earlier levels, enough coins can be "earned" to support continued play. At higher levels upgrades must be purchased daily with "real" money to continue the game at a competitive level. Have one of the higher ranking tanks. Is all but useless without spending $10-$12 every couple days on upgrades. Make the bonuses more for higher ranking tanks so that sustained game play can continue without constantly having to purchase supplemental coins Highly Recommend.

Duke approved Very nice game. I love the graphics, the gameplay, everything. My only real problem is it's abit glitchy. 5 star

Hey. You guys need to do something Okay, so you developers that might read this review... you need to bring back the original tanks online. While this game is very like it, I like the simple feel and simple mechanics of it better. I'd pay for it. (And for everyone else wanting to know if this game is good or not- it is. Very good, you should get it.) Just wow

Best Game!! Really like the effects and battles!! Absolutely awsome!! Although it's sometimes unfair that stronger players battle against weaker ones. That's the problem. But still a good game. Make the battles more..appealing if you can. Perfect!

Frustrating Still has glitches too many empty rooms server issues ie cant enter or freezes getting better but still a ways to go no scoreboard last couple weeks Superb!

Att: Ed I sent a email, we have multiple glitches costing us hard earned money for gold, it purchased a worthless Bomber I won't ever use when I selected my slayer Att Ed: I'm Stankynutz USA, I'm including the screenshot of the glitch, I go to install my slayer to play a match and he purchased a Bomber 250/gold, I did not select the Bomber, I selected my slayer that already have up graded to level 16 and it purchased Bomber, that's a tank I kill with 1 shot, I WOULD NEVER BUY A LOWER TEAR TANK, you know the Bomber is nowhere near is powerful is my slayer, I would never a weak LOWER CLASS TANK I pick my tank, it took 250 gold I want my gold back and u take your worthl

going well, love this game!! barely any lost connections, minimal lag, only when in with maximum # of players, quests are more difficult, but completing them is still possible, just have to know how to ;) I do miss being able to extend battles though :(

Iron Tanks/ Commander/ Team Outlaw Cowboys / USA/ NAME: DRIFTER It's ok if you don't mind the inaccurate addition of your points , silver and gold.....if they bother to do it at all. The freezing of the battle and no compensation for the wasted fuel, lost points , fuel, siver and gold...The indiscriminate and blatant allowances of the home Russian, Polish, German and othet teams cheats and hacking of thevgame going unchecked.....Yep if you don't mind being cheated out of your money....then I geuss it's ok....Could be a great game....not now. Thankyou....Drifter

Great but... This has amazing graphics, not much lag, but then there is fuel. A limited gameplay. If you want a good rating, take it out!

Game still has issues A lot of empty maps. Game will freeze or stop, causing you to restart. Pop up ads are in the wrong place causing you to lose valuable game quest winnings. But with that being said it's still a fun game and I'll continue to play maybe not as much but still play. Great!

Too many hackers in this game to make it fair. Too much widespread hacking in this game that the developers do nothing about it. Especially because most of the hackers are Russian. It's not fair when people cannot compete on the same level only because the majority of players are cheaters. Fabulous!

Ya gotta earn it... Very addictive right from the start. No parity consideration though. Newbies, like myself right now, are ruthlessly set upon by experienced players with advanced equipment. Death comes quickly, but that will only make eventual victory that much sweeter. Update: Have had a few instances where all progress was lost. Tech support came through and got it done. All is good. This is a GREAT game! One of my favorites. Thanks guys : ) Works perfectly

Iron Tanks A wonderful an exciting game, lots of action, very competitive, and realistic, have made lots of friends all over the world. Works great

Getting pricy A great game. Would give it 5 stars but it's getting too expensive to play and upgrade. Seems to be having server issues lately, hope the developer will address this soon. Highly Recommend.

Drifter, Commander, Outlaw Cowboys. Still needs work,....the unwanted pop up adds are losing players fuel, points, and funds. The first battles are not registering points and some battles that show the points are adding them incorrect ly. A good game, but could be better...Found top team members shooting each other just to get top points enstead of playing game as designed. ..Aggravating. ....You need me Go well

IRON TANKS Very addictive and fun!!! Just don't like connecting to server message, freeze ups, tanks moving standing still, the dam commercials and to top it off flying tanks!!!!!! Must have

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